Czech Miss : Info

Czech Miss (or Ceská Miss) is an annual national beauty pageant of Czech Republic that selects Czech Republic's representatives to participate in international pageants. A total of three winners are selected, the three titles are - Ceska Miss, Ceska Miss World and Ceska Miss Earth. The winner of Ceska Miss participates in Miss Universe, the  Ceska Miss World winner participates in Miss World, and Ceska Miss Earth winner competes in Miss Earth pageant

Ceska Miss was established in the year 2005. Michaela Malacova, Miss CzechoSlovakia 1991 is the produce of Ceska Miss. From the year 2005 to 2009, Ceska Miss used to select one winner who used to represent the country at Miss Universe pageant, while the first runner up participated at the Miss Earth pageant. Before the creation of Ceska Miss, the official candidate for Miss Universe pageant was selected by Miss Czech Republic (or Miss Ceske Republiky ).In the year 2010, Ceska Miss and its rival pageant Miss Ceske Republiky merged under one roof to form the current Miss Ceska and started selecting representatives to Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth pageants. The Ceska Miss 2010 winner competed in Miss Universe 2010 and Ceska Miss World 2010 vied in Miss World 2010 while the first runner up competed in Miss Earth 2010 pageant. Since 2011 the pageant selects three winners: Ceska Miss, Ceska Miss World, and Ceska Miss Earth to compete in Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Earth respectively

The first International Pageant winner from Ceska Miss was Tereza Fajksová, who was crowned the Miss Earth 2012.

The last 10 winners of Ceska Miss are Gabriela Franková (2014), Gabriela Kratochvilová (2013), Tereza Chlebovská (2012), Jitka Novácková (2011), Jitka Válková (2010), Iveta Lutovská (2009), Eliška Bucková (2008), Lucie Hadašová (2007), Renata Langmannová (2006) and Katerina Smejkalová(2005).

Ceska Miss 2015 was held on 28 March 2015, where, Gabriela Franková crowned Nikol Švantnerová as her successor. A total of ten finalists were selected to compete for the coveted title.

The finale of Ceská Miss 2016 is scheduled to be held on April 2’ 2016.The audition of Ceská Miss 2016 was held at The Wellness Hotel Vista, and the judges for the event were Miss Czech Republic Earth 2014 Nikola Buranská , Miss Czech Republic World 2013 Lucie Kovandová alongside Marcela Krplové,Ivy Kubelková,Libor Boucek & David Gránský.


Ceska Miss 2015 is scheduled to be held on 28 March 2015, where the reigning Ceska Miss, Gabriela Franková will crown her successor