Miss Nicaragua : Info

Miss Nicaragua (or Miss Universe Nicaragua) is the national beauty pageant of Nicaragua that selects representative for the Miss Universe and Miss International, and other international pageants. Finalists from all over Nicaragua are selected to compete for the coveted title. The winner is crowned at the conclusion of the final competition, traditionally held at the Rubén Darío National Theater.

Since 1955, the pageant has been selecting representatives for the International pageants. The winner of Miss Nicaragua represents the country at Miss Universe, whereas the first runner up goes up to Miss International.

Miss Nicaragua was formed with the mission to strengthen the philosophy of teamwork, committed to delivering honesty and transparency to achieve results over time. Miss Nicaragua aims to promote the beauty and culture of Nicaraguan women; it also aims at promotion of Nicaraguan artists in different fields such as photography, fashion design, beauty, performing arts, among others.

After the participants are chosen, only sixteen (16) candidates are shortlisted, who further go on to represent their respective regions at the national pageant. Till date, the majority of winners for Miss Nicaragua have been from Managua. The last ten (10) winners of Miss Nicaragua are as follows - Daniela Clerk Castillo (2005), Cristiana Frixione (2006), Xiomara Blandino (2007), Thelma Rodríguez (2008), Indiana Sánchez (2009), Scharllette Allen (2010), Adriana Dorn (2011), Farah Eslaquit (2012), Nastassja Bolívar (2013), and Marline Barberena (2014).

Earlier, Miss Nicaragua used to send its representative only to the Miss Universe and Miss International pageant, however in 2013 Nicaragua made its debut at Miss Supranational pageant and in 2014, Nicaragua also sent its representative for Miss Grand International pageant. The official candidate to represent Nicaragua at the Miss Supranational & Miss Grand International is selected by Miss Nicaragua Organization.

Till date, Nicaragua has not won Miss Universe or Miss International title. The best performance of Nicaragua was in 2009, when Indiana Sanchez became second runner up at Miss Universe 2009 and also received the award for Best National Costume.

The reigning Miss Nicaragua is Marline Barberena, who was crowned the winner at the finals of the pageant held on March 15, 2014 at the Ruben Dario Theater. Marline represented Nicaragua at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant held on January 25, 2015, however could not make it to the Top 10 finalists. Other winners at the Miss Nicaragua 2014 were:

First Runner-up - Jeimmy García, went on to represent Nicaragua at the Miss International 2014

Second Runner-up - Paola Quintero

Third Runner-up - Katherine Guadamuz

Fourth Runner-up - Xilonem Quiñonez, represented Nicaragua at the Miss United Continents 2014

Fifth Runner-up - Elizabeth Hodgson


Miss Nicaragua 2015 is scheduled to be held on March 7, 2015.


The reigning Miss Nicaragua is Marline Barberena