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Miss Belgium or Miss België is one of the oldest national beauty pageant held annually to select one beautiful lady to represent the country at International beauty pageants. Miss Belgium started in the year 1929. The winner of Miss Belgium represents the country at international beauty pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International.

Netta Duchateau , Miss Belgium 1930 represented her country at the Big Four beauty pageants, Miss Universe and eventually won the Miss Universe 1931, following which Miss Universe was held in the beautiful country, Belgium.


During the World War –II, the Miss Belgium was not held for some time but soon under the leadership of Jean-Jacques Fortis the organization got back on track. In 1993 Miss Belgium was first broadcast live in Flanders and Wallonia, by the only two commercial television broadcasters of the time: VTM and RTL. Stephanie Meire was crowned as the Miss Belgium 1993 as 1.197 million people watched the show live on television.


Darline Devos, the new chairman of the organizing committee of Miss Belgium, took over from where Jean-Jacques Fortis left. , In 2007 Darline Devos signed a new television contract with RTL-TVI and SBS Belgium. She has taken Miss Belgium to new heights and made the pageant a recognized platform.

Miss Belgium has seen its share of controversies. The election of Alizee Poulicek, a native speaker of French and Czech, was even linked to the 2007 Belgian government formation. She failed to speak in Dutch, the national language of Belgium and was booed by the audience.

Anissa Blondin, the First runner up of Miss Belgium 2014 replaced Laurence Langen, the Miss Belgium 2014 winner after the Miss Belgium committee decided to take away the title from Laurence due to some personal reasons. Anissa represented Belgium at the Miss World 2014 where she failed to make her presence felt, she is now going to compete in the Miss Universe 2014 scheduled to be held on January 25, 2015.

Annelis Toros represented Belgium at Miss Universe 2015 and placed in the top fifteen during the grand finale held at Las Vegas, Nevada on 20December 2015. Annelis’s runner-up, Leylah Alliët competed in the Miss World 2015 competition but could not make the cut.


Anissa Blondin, the First runner up of Miss Belgium 2014


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