Miss Intercontinental : Info

Miss Intercontinental is an annual international beauty pageant, which officially began in Aruba as Miss Teenage Intercontinental in 1973. The contest is organized by the World Beauty Organization ("WBO") based in Panama. The WBO also produces the Top Model of the World and Mister Intercontinental pageants.

The Miss Intercontinental pageant is based in Germany, and is held every year with more than 60 countries sending their representatives for the pageant. The delegates should be at least 18 years old and under 27 (in the year they participate in the telecast).

The Miss Intercontinental crown is named Oriental Holy Water and is worth three million yuan (approx. 360,000 US dollars). The design was inspired by water, the source of life, representing the natural beauty and purity of women. The design signifies the strength and the power and includes the woman of beauty in the centre of the crown The crown remains in the WBO Office and is used only for the crowning of each new Miss Intercontinental.

Some of the popular winners in the history of Miss Intercontinental pageant are Verona Feldbusch from Germany (1993), Lara Dutta from India (1997), Ligia Petit from Venezuela (2001), and Dominike Hourani from Lebanon (2003).

Miss Intercontinental 2016

Heilymar Rosario Velazquez of Puerto Rico was crowned as Miss Intercontinental 2016 at the finale held on 16th October 2016. At the same pageant, Tracy Ann de Zilva of Sri Lanka was titled first runner-up, Vera Safoah of Ghana was adjudged second runner-up, Floriana Russo of Italy was titled third runner-up and Amal Karina Nemer finished as fourth runner-up. 


Miss Intercontinental 2016 Pageant Info


Miss Intercontinental 2015

Miss Intercontinental 2015 was held on December 18, 2015Valentina Rasulova from Russia was crowned as the new Miss Intercontinental 2015 at the conclusion of the finals. 

The Continental Winners of Miss Intercontinental 2015 are –

Mis Intercontinental Asia and Oceania – Christi Lynn McGarry from Philippines

Miss Intercontinental Africa – Bongani Hunda from Zimbabwe

Miss Intercontinental North America – Brianne Bailey from USA

Miss Intercontinental Europe – Valentina Rasulova from Russia

Miss Intercontinental South America – Katherine Garcia from Venezuela


Miss Intercontinental 2015 Pageant winners


Miss Intercontinental 2014

The Miss Intercontinental 2014, the 43rd edition of the pageant, was held on December 4, 2014 at the Maritim Hall Maritim Hotel in the city of Magdeburg, Germany. Pataraporn Wang of Thailand was crowned Miss Intercontinental 2014 by her predecessor Ekaterina Plekhova from Russia. Patraporn was 19 years of age when she was crowned, and she stands tall at 179 cm tall with an impressive vital statistics of 81-62-94. 

Runners-up at Miss Intercontinental 2014 were -

Jeslie Mergal (Cuba) - 1st Runner up

Kris Janson (Philippines) - 2nd Runner up

Donique Leonard (South Africa) - 3rd Runner up

Delaney Holley (Canada) - 4th Runner up

Joana Martins (Portugal) - 5th Runner up

Miss Intercontinental 2014 Winner Phataraporn Wang