Miss Mundo Brasil : Info

Miss Mundo Brasil (or Miss World Brazil) is a national pageant held in Brazil as an independet event since 2006 to select Brazil's official representative to Miss World pageant. The event is held by the company MMB Beauty Promotions and Events. 

Miss Mundo Brasil strives for originality and socio-environmental responsibility and includes in their official activities proofs of talent, sports and fashion, and encourage the practice of philanthropy in accordance with the motto of Miss World - "Beauty with a Purpose". Miss Mundo Brazil organization is run by Henrique Fontes, director of the pageant organization.

The title of Miss Mundo Brasil creates professional and personal opportunities for its participants. It  opens channels for winners to express their views on various topics in media interviews, provides opportunities for cultural enrichment, and enables them to become a role model for all generations, working tirelessly in the cause of " Beauty with a Purpose".

Miss Mundo Brasil Winners 2006-2013

Prior to Miss Mundo Brasil, the representatives to Miss World from Brazil were selected from Miss Brazil/ Miss Brazil Universe contests. The first ever representative from Brazil at Miss World was Sônia Maria Campos from Pernambuco who competed in Miss World 1958, where she made it to the Top 6 finalist.

Brazil has won the Miss World crown only once in the history till date, and that was in the year 1971 when Lúcia Tavares Petterle from Rio de Janeiro was crowned Miss World 1971.

Miss World 1971 Lúcia Tavares Petterle (Brazil)

Miss Mundo Brasil 2013 was Sancler Frantz Könzen from Ilha dos Lobos, who was crowned Miss Mundo Brasil 2013 on April 6' 2013. She went on to compete in Miss World 2013 pageant, and was placed Top 6.

Miss Mundo Brasil 2014 Sancler Frantz Könzen

The reigning Miss Mundo Brasil is Julia Gama from Rio Grand do Sul, who was crowned Miss Mundo Brasil 2014 on August 9' 2014. She competed in Miss World 2014 pageant and was one of the Top 10 finalists.

Julia Gama Miss World Brazil 2014