Miss World Denmark : Info

Miss World Denmark (also known as Miss Danmark) is a national beauty pageant of Denmark that selects representative for the Miss World beauty pageant. The first representative of Denmark for Miss World was crowned on 1st August 1926. Edith Jørgensen from Aarhus was the first representative of Denmark to Miss World.

Miss World Denmark came into existence in 2004 when the Miss Denmark pageant split into two separate competitions: Miss World Denmark and Miss Universe Denmark. The winners of Miss World Denmark so far are –

2015 - Jessica Josephina

2014 - Pernille Sørensen

2013 - Malene Riis Sørensen

2012 - Iris Thomsen (Top 30)

2011 - Maya Celeste Padillo Olesen

2010 - Natalya Averina

2009 - Nadia Ulbjerg Pedersen

2008 - Lisa Lents

2007 - Line Kruuse

2006 - Sandra Spohr

2005 - Trine Lundgaard Nielsen

2004 - Line Larsen

Former Miss World Denmark Lisa Lents became the National Director of the pageant. In 2015, the rights to hold the Miss Denmark national beauty pageant were purchased by Lisa Lents. And any representative for Miss World will now be selected by the above pageant. After Lisa Lents got the franchise, Miss World Denmark pageant has become the biggest pageant in Denmark. 


Miss World Denmark Pageant Info