Miss Egypt World : Info

Miss Egypt World pageant was introduced on the year 2016 and is an annual national beauty pageant that selects representatives for the Miss World 2016 pageant. Earlier the Miss Egypt pageant used to select the contestant for the Miss World pageants.

The first Miss Egypt contest was held in 1929. The only Miss Egypt winner who held the title of Miss World was Antigone Costanda in 1954. Between 2012-2013 the Miss Egypt pageant didn’t send any representatives to the Miss World pageant due to some internal conflict.


Under a new organization, Miss Egypt World 2016 took place on September 18th at the Intercontinental City Stars, in Cairo. Twenty-one finalists competed for the title in an event attended by several ambassadors and UN representatives. 19 years old Nadine Ossama was crowned as the winner.


Miss Egypt World Pageant Info