Mexicana Universal : Info

Mexicana Universal, the national beauty pageant of Mexico, selects its representatives to Miss Universe, Miss International and Reina Hispanoamericana. Until 2017, the pageant was run under the name ‘Nuestra Belleza Mexico’. Hence, only one edition of the pageant under the new name has been held. The national competition is headed by the nation’s first Miss Universe queen, Lupita Jones in association with Televisa.

For every year’s competition, the organization has its requirements that the potential candidates must fulfill and vie in their respective state pageants for eligibility to participate in the pageant. The contestants are permitted to compete for their sub-national beauty titles more than once. However, this can no longer be done once they have taken part in the national event. The delegates can represent a different state as well but must have a proof of residing there for atleast twelve months before registration.

Once in the national pageant, the contestants participate in various activities and fulfil their duties as the state titleholders simultaneously. Five special awards are also given through sub challenges that provide an automatic entry to the semi-finals. If any of the titleholders are unable to fulfil their duties, the substitute takes her place to represent Mexico in the international contest.


Mexicana Universal 2019 finale will be held on 31st May 2019 where thirty two ladies will compete for the national competition.


Mexicana Universal 2018 was the first edition of national pageant under the new name held on 3rd June 2018 where Andrea Toscano of Colima was crowned the new queen. She represented Mexico in Miss Universe 2018. Fourth Runner-up Nebai Torres represented Mexico in Miss International 2018. First Runner-up Aranza Molina represented her country in Reina Hispanoamericana 2018.


Nuestra Belleza México 2017 was the 23th and the last edition of Nuestra Belleza México and was held on 11th March 2017 where Denisse Franco was crowned the new queen and represented Mexico in Miss Universe 2017. First Runner-Up Citlaly Higuera represented her country in Miss International 2017 while Karla Berumen represented in Reina Hispanomericana 2017.