Miss Nederland : Info

Miss Nederland (Miss Netherlands) is the annual national beauty pageant of Nederland (Netherlands), that is responsible for selecting country's representatives for Miss Universe and Miss World international pageants.

Prior to 1991, the national pageant was known as Miss Holland, and Netherlands made its debut at Miss Universe in 1956. Since 1991, the pageant became known as Miss Netherlands, and in 2009 a new pageant system was founded as Miss Universe Nederland, with Kim Kötter (Miss Netherlands 2002) as the president. As the pageant also acquired the national franchise for Miss World in the same year, the name was changed to Miss Nederland.

From 1991 to 2009, the winner of Miss Nederland represented Netherlands both at Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. In 2010, the winner also represented Nederland at Miss Earth pageant.  Since 2011, the pageant decided to select separate representatives for Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth, to adhere to the different perspectives which the three pageants offer. So in the year 2011, three winners were chosen and sent to compete at the three international pageants. However, in 2012 the organization lost the Miss Earth franchise, and since then two winners Miss Universe Netherlands and Miss World Netherlands are being crowned.

Netherlands as a country has won two Miss World titles (Corine Rottschäfer - Miss World 1959 and Catharina Lodders - Miss World 1962), and one Miss Universe title (Angela Visser - Miss Universe 1989). The previous edition of the national pageant, Miss Nederland 2014 was held on December 8' 2013, when Yasmin Verheijen was crowned Miss Universe Netherlands 2014, and Tatjana Maul was crowned Miss World Netherlands 2014. Both the beauties were able to make their mark at their respective international pageants.

Yasmin Verheijen finished as the third runner-up at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant held on January 25' 2015 in Doral, Miami which was won by Paulina Vega of Colombia.  And Tatjana Maul made it to Top 25 at Miss World 2014 pageant held in London, UK on December 14' 2014 which was won by Rolene Strauss of South Africa. She also made it to Top 5 of Miss World Multimedia and Top 10 of Miss World Beauty with a Purpose.

Miss Universe 1989 Angela Visser

Angela Visser (Netherlands) Miss Universe 1989