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Miss World Nederland is an annual national beauty pageant that selects representatives to the Miss World pageant. The first national pageant of Nederland was held in the year 1929. Previously, the pageant was called as "Miss Holland" contest, but between 1932-1949 the pageant was stopped and resumed again in 1951 under Miss Holland Organization.
In 1951 the Netherlands made its debut at the Miss World pageant, and in 1956 at the Miss Universe pageant. The national pageant was called as ‘Miss Holland’ from 1950 until 1990. Since that year, the winner competed at the Miss Universe, while runners-up traditionally competed at the Miss World and Miss International pageant. And later from 1991 it came to be known as "Miss Nederland" whose winner went to Miss World pageant. Between 1991-2008, the Miss Universe representatives were selected from "Miss Universe Netherlands" pageant. 
In 2002 Kim Kötter was crowned as Miss Nederland and in 2009 she became the national director of the pageant. 
She competed at the Miss Universe 2002 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In that year, Miss Nederland titleholder competed at the Miss Universe pageant. In 2013 Miss Nederland Organization lost the franchise of Miss Earth. Of late, the titleholders of the Miss Nederland represent their country at the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants.
Between 1951-1955 Netherlands sent the representative to Miss World contest through Miss Holland pageant. Between1956-1990 mostly the runners-up of Miss Holland competed at the pageant. While in 1991-2008 the Miss Netherlands selected the official candidate to the Miss World pageant. 
According to the Miss Holland history, the Netherlands has two Miss World winners in 1959 Corine Rottschäfer of Hoorn and 1962 Catharina Lodders of Haarlem. 
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