Miss Universe New Zealand : Info

Miss Universe New Zealand is an annual national beauty pageant that selects representative to the Miss Universe pageant. Till date, New Zealand has sent 44 representatives to the Miss Universe pageant, ever since its inception in 1952. New Zealand is also one of the 33 countries to have won the title.

The Miss Universe New Zealand pageant was created in the year 2006 after no delegates were sent to Miss Universe in 2004 and 2005. The country won its first Miss Universe title in the year 1983 under the representation of Lorraine Downes. The only Top 5 placement that the country has won was in the year 1980 when Delyse Nottle was titled second runner-up.

In 1962, 1981 and in 1992 New Zealand had three semi-finalists placements. New Zealand is one of only 12 countries to win two or more Miss Photogenic awards, won by Carole Robinson (1969) and Delyse Nottle (1980).

The winner of Miss Universe New Zealand winner enjoys a very busy and productive year-long long reign working with Miss Universe as well as Variety, the Children’s Charity.

A dynamic consortium, comprising veteran TV producer Nigel Godfrey, experienced make-up artist and well respected personal trainer Evana Patterson, and Lucire publisher Jack Yan, are a part of the Miss Universe New Zealand franchise and promise an exciting new competition.


Miss Universe New Zealand Pageant Info