Miss Earth Reunion Island : Info

Miss Earth Reunion Island is an annual national beauty pageant held in Reunion Island that selects representatives for the Miss Earth beauty pageant. Reunion Island is a French department in the Indian Ocean, and is known for its volcanic, rainforest interiors, offshore reefs, beaches and Creole culture.

The pageant came into existence in the year 2012 and since then has been sending delegates to the Miss Earth pageant.


There are a total of 15 contestants competing for the coveted title Miss Earth Reunion Island 2016. The 15 contestants are –

Devy Carron

Keturah Lambert

Elodie Ah Son

Marie Rosine

Chloe Bonnefond

Adolphe Venerosy Naike

Anais Gillet

Eva Gerbandier

Luciannie Begue

Elsa Techer

Oceane Canian

Meli Sheryam Gastrin

Ophelie Grondin

Marion Clorate

Lois Ifangousine


In 2015, Jade Soune-Seyne was crowned Miss Earth Reunion Island 2015 at the finale held on July 25’ 2015. Angelia Gabrena Ong from Philippines was crowned Miss Earth 2015.


Lolita Hoarau was crowned Miss Earth Reunion Island 2014 on April 12’ 2014. Lolita represented Reunion Island at the Miss Earth 2014 but remained unplaced. Jamie Herrell from Philippines was crowned Miss Earth 2014.


In 2013, Christelle Abrantes was crowned as Miss Earth Reunion Island 2013 on April 6’ 2013, and represented Reunion Island in the Miss Earth 2013 pageant. Alyz Henrich from Venezuela was crowned Miss Earth 2013.


The very first winner of Miss Earth Reunion Island was Aisha Valy. She was crowned Miss Earth Reunion Island 2012 in the splendid finale held on April 1’ 2012 at the Sainte-Clotilde Exhibition Centre. Tereza Fajksová from Czech Republic was crowned Miss Earth 2012.

The winners of Miss Earth Reunion Island compete at the Miss Earth pageant. Also, the winner works as an environmental ambassador for Reunion Island, during her reign, and works towards the environmental development of the country.


Miss Earth Reunion Pageant Info