Miss Earth Schweiz : Info

Miss Earth Schweiz (also known as Miss Earth Suisse, Miss Earth Switzerland, and Miss Earth Svizzera) is an annual national beauty pageant held in Switzerland that selects representatives for the Miss Earth international pageant. In case the winner does not qualify due to age or other reasons, a runner-up is sent instead. The Miss Earth pageant abides by the motto of “Beauty With A Cause.”

The winners of Miss Earth Schweiz pageants are – (2006) Laura Ferrara, (2007) Stephanie Gossweiler, (2008) Nasanin Nuri, (2009) Graziella Rogers, (2010) Liza Andrea Kuster, (2011) Irina de Giorgi, (2012) Lea Sara Wittwer, (2013) Djoa Strassburg, (2014) Shayade Hug and Corinne Schadler (2015). All the winners competed at the Miss Earth pageant in their respective years of crowning, and so far Switzerland has not won any crown at the Miss Earth paeant. However, in 2007 and 2008 Stephanie Gossweiler and Nasanin Nuri made it to the Top 8 finalists.


Miss Earth Schweiz 2016 is to be held on May 7' 2016. The winner of Miss Earth Schweiz 2016 will represent Switzerland at the Miss Earth 2016 pageant.


Miss Earth Schweiz 2015 was held on June 6’ 2015. The winner of Miss Schweiz 2015, Corinne Schadler competed at the Miss Earth 2015 pageant.


Miss Earth Schweiz previous winners