Miss International 2013 : Info

Miss International 2013, the 53rd edition of the pageant, was held on 17th December 2013 at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Bea Santiago of the Philippines was crowned the new queen by Alejandra Andreu Miss International 2008 at the end of the event finale. This was the second consecutive year where Japan hosted the pageant.

Nathalie den Dekker from Netherlands, Casey Radley from New Zealand, Brigitta Otvos from Hungary and Lorena Hermida from Colombia were adjudged first, second, third and fourth runners-up respectively. Top 15 also included Cristina Alves from Brazil, Nathaly Arroba from Ecuador, Jamielee Randall from Gibraltar, Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir from Iceland, Elma Segzdaviciute from Lithuania, Ashley Beth Pérez from Puerto Rico, Olga Gaidabura from Russia, Araceli Carrilero from Spain, Chointicha Tiengtham from Thailand and Andrea Neu from USA.

Miss International 2012 Ikumi Yoshimatsu was barred from attending the finale due to her involvement in a scandal where a media executive Genichi Taniguchi allegedly harassed and intimidated her for not signing on to a talent agency with ties to the underworld.

The delegates who competed at Miss International 2013 were –

Erialda Croes representing Aruba

Johanna Parker representing Australia

Ekaterina Sarafanova representing Belgium

Adriana Delgadillo representing Bolivia

Cristina Alves Da Silva representing Brazil

Sarah Ainsley Harrison representing Canada

Jin Ying representing China

Xiao-wen Chen representing China

Lorena Hermida representing Colombia

Andrea Rojas representing Costa Rica

Carmen Muñoz Guzmán representing Dominican Republic

Nathaly Arroba Hurtao representing Ecuador

Yaritza Rivera representing El Salvador

Madli Vilsar representing Estonia

Helianna Ylimaula representing Finland

Reilly Makaya representing Gabon

Oksana Koroleva representing Germany

Jamielee Randall representing Gibraltar

Megane Monrose representing Guadeloupe

Lirone Veksler representing Guam

Sara Guerrero representing Guatemala

Clara Luce Lafond representing Haiti

Moon Lau representing Hong Kong

Brigitta Ötvös representing Hungary

Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir representing Iceland

Gurleen Grewal representing India

Marisa Sartika Maladewi representing Indonesia

Sara Cavagnari representing Italy

Yukiko Takahashi representing Japan

Han Ji-eun representing Korea

Meerim Erkinbayeva representing Kyrgyzstan

Layla Yarak representing Lebanon

Elma Segzdaviciute representing Lithuania

Corrine Semedo Furtado representing Luxembourg

Adela Ka-Wai Sou representing Macau

Charissa Chong Su Huey representing Malaysia

Lucero Montemayor representing Mexico

Anu Namshir representing Mongolia

Gonyi Aye Kyaw representing Myanmar

Shritima Shah representing Nepal

Nathalie den Dekker representing Netherlands

Casey Radley representing New Zealand

Celeste Castillo representing Nicaragua

Betzy Madrid representing Panama

Marta Raviolo representing Paraguay

Maria Gracia Figueroa representing Peru

Bea Santiago representing Philippines

Katarzyna Oracka representing Poland

Ana Claudia Ornelas representing Portugal

Ashley Beth Pérez representing Puerto Rico

Diana Maria Tiron representing Romania

Olga Gaidabura representing Russia

Jia Min Chew representing Singapore

Nikoleta Duchonová representing Slovak Republic

Cindy Rosslind representing South Africa

Ayak Abiel representing South Sudan

Araceli Carrilero Martínez representing Spain

Cherelen Van Bastasa representing Suriname

Eleonore Lilja representing Sweden

Ohana Huber representing Tahiti

Chonticha Tiengtham representing Thailand

Sondes Zamouri representing Tunisia

Margaryta Gorbyk representing Ukraine

Elizabeth Greenham representing United Kingdom

Andrea Neu representing USA

Elián Herrera representing Venezuela

Lô Thi Huong Trâm representing Vietnam