Miss International 2017 : Info

Miss International 2017, the 57th edition of the pageant, was held on 14th November 2017 at Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Kevin Lilliana of Indonesia was crowned the new queen by her predecessor Kylie Verzosa of the Philippines at the end of the event finale. It was the first ever win for a moslem women at Miss International and was the first win at one of the four major international pageants for Indonesia. The show was hosted by Tetsuya Bessho on his fourth consecutive year. Amy Ota co-hosted the event, with a performance by Chemistry.

Chanelle de Lau from Curacao, Diana Croce from Venezuela, Amber Dew from Australia, Natsuki Tsutsui from Japan were crowned first, second, third and fourth runners-up respectively by the previous edition winners. Top 8 also included Jocelyn Mieles from Ecuador, Phounesup Phonyotha from Laos, Ashley Powell from UK while Top 15 also included Pihla Koivuniemi from Finland, Daniella Akorfa Awuma from Ghana, Vanessa Villars from Honduras, Darelys Santos from Panama, Petra Varaliová from Slovakia, Tayla Skye Robinson from South Africa and Ratiyaporn Chookaew from Thailand.


Miss International Africa – Daniella Akorfa Awuma from Ghana

Miss International America – Carla Maldonado from Bolivia

Miss International Asia – Seung Woo Nam from Korea

Miss International Europe – Ashley Powell from United Kingdom

Miss International Oceania – Michelle Isemonger from New Zealand

The contestants who competed at Miss International 2017 were –

Amber Dew representing Australia

Polina Pimahina representing Belarus

Virginie Philippot representing Belgium

Carla Maldonado representing Bolivia

Bruna Zanardo representing Brazil

Nheat Sophea representing Cambodia

Marta Stepien representing Canada

Estefania Galeota representing Chile

Jia Shi representing China

Vanessa Pulgarin representing Colombia

Silas Tuaputa representing Cook Islands

Paola Chacón representing Costa Rica

Chanelle De Lau representing Curaçao

Alice Cincurová representing Czech Republic

Jennifer Valdez representing Dominican Republic

Jocelyn Mieles representing Ecuador

Fátima Mangandi representing El Salvador

Bamlak Dereje representing Ethiopia

Pihla Koivuniemi representing Finland

Maëva Balan representing France

Daniella Akorfa Awuma representing Ghana

Tessa Britto representing Gibraltar

Clotilde Stressais representing Guadeloupe

Ana Lucia Villagran representing Guatemala

Caroline Minerve representing Haiti

Courtney Coleman representing Hawaii

Vanessa Villars representing Honduras

Wing Wong representing Hong Kong

Rebeka Hartó representing Hungary

Ankita Kumari representing India

Kevin Lilliana Junaedy representing Indonesia

Natsuki Tsutsui representing Japan

Seung Woo Nam representing South Korea

Phounesup Phonnyotha representing Laos

Dima Safi representing Lebanon

Patricija Belousova representing Lithuania

Sofia Paiva representing Macau

Annie Wong Wei Wei representing Malaysia

Laetitia Begue representing Mauritius

Citlaly Higuera representing Mexico

Daniela Bejan representing Moldova

Saikhantamir Amarsanaa representing Mongolia

Sao Yoon Wadi Oo representing Myanmar

Niti Shah representing Nepal

Nathalie Mogbelzada representing Netherlands

Michelle Isemonger representing New Zealand

Helen Martínez representing Nicaragua

Vilde Andresen Bø representing Norway

Darelys Santos representing Panama

Tatiana Rolín representing Paraguay

Tiffany López Borjas representing Peru

Mariel de Leon representing Philippines

Paulina Maziarz representing Poland

Ana Marques representing Portugal

Elena Kviatkevich representing Russia

Leone Abie Mansaray representing Sierra Leone

Kylie Yeo representing Singapore

Petra Varaliová representing Slovakia

Tayla Skye Robinson representing South Africa

Elizabeth Ledesma representing Spain

Lina Ljungberg representing Sweden

Xie Lingci representing Chinese Taipei

Ratiyaporn Chookaew representing Thailand

Khaoula Gueye representing Tunisia

Kseniya Chifa representing Ukraine

Ashley Powell representing United Kingdom

Shanel James representing USA

Diana Croce representing Venezuela

Huynh Thi Thuy Dung representing Vietnam