Miss Eco International 2017 : Info

Miss Eco International 2017 was held on 14th April 2017. The pageant abides by the motto of finding the perfect “Eco Queen” who can be an emissary for environmental causes. The third edition of the pageant was held in Egypt. Amber Bernachi from Canada was crowned as the winner.

At the same pageant, Anzhelika Tahir of Pakistan was announced as the first runner-up, Fenne Verrecas was adjudged the second runner-up, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen was titled the third runner-up, and Anastasiya Kaptsiuh of Belarus finished as the fourth runner-up.

Following were the contestants who competed for the title –

Shanila Ademi

Imane Feyrouz

Elice Jayne Craig

Kristina Eremeeva

Anastasiya Kaptsiuh

Fenne Verrecas

Stephany Pim

Yoana Karastoyanova

Amber Bernachi

Fernanda Caro Zarate

Xin Zhao

Brenda Barbosa Arzuza

Estefania Mora Quiros

Jelena Amanovic

Rewan Alaa

Sonia Mansour

Maria Bruggner

Mellisa Rizos

Khyati Sharma

Annisa Ananda Nusyirwan

Hitomi Sato

Alua Azilkhanova

Caroline Cherop Kamar

Emilia Dobreva

Tansuluu Omurzakova

Rebecca Liu

Janice Tan

Maria Ellul

Elisa Rosse

Veronica Salas Vallejo

Anastasia Fotachi

Kristina Mitrovic

May Myat Noe Khin

Ronali Amatya

Floor Masselink

Zoom Fitton

Anzhelika Tahir

Ayhemeis Henriquez

Coca Notario

Ramona Yamat

Karolina Banach

Diana Santos

Kimberly Lorein Soto Feliciano

Diana Rose

Kristina Ciasovschih

Miroslava Kvashnina

Sara Stojanovic

Sara Thashah Latiff

Temieke Streicher

Marta Lorenzo Morin

Chanita Jantanet

Nataliya Varchenko

Bao Anh Do

Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen

Gabriela Espana

Letwin Tiwaringe

The motive behind starting the pageant is to spread environmental awareness among the masses, through the theme of Economic & Environment. The pageant also abides by the motto of finding an emissary for environmental causes.

Miss Eco International pageant looks for delegate who has the ability to spread the message of protecting the environment to the masses. The pageant aims at selecting a representative who can be the ‘ECO queen’ and can endorse Eco-tourism worldwide and encourage the principle of keeping our earth secure and clean, not only environmentally but also culturally through the exchange of cultures between beauty queens.


Miss Eco International 2017 Info