Miss Grand International 2016 : Info

Miss Grand International 2016 was held on October 25’ 2016 in Las Vegas .at WestGate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. For the first time, the MGI pageant moved out of Thailand. Contestants from different parts of the world competed for the coveted title. Ariska Putri Pertiwi of Indonesia was crowned as the winner. At the same pageant, Miss Philippines Nicole Cordoves was titled the first runner-up, Miss Thailand Supaporn Malisorn was adjudged the second runner-up, Miss Puerto Rico Madison Anderson was titled the third runner-up and Miss USA Michelle León finished as the fourth runner-up.

The delegates who competed for the Miss Grand International 2016 title were –

Paula Preçi

Chimay Ramos

Dani Fitch

Selvinique Wright

Kawtar Riahi Idrissi

Joselyn Toro Leigue

Renata Sena

Heng ChanTha Mgc

Monika Horvat

Siru He

Juliana Florez Herrera

Monique Rodriguez

Merys Navarro

Monika Vaculíková

Ida Sjöström

Lucero Arias

Carmen Verónica Iglesias López

Mireille Azer

Cherelle Rose Patterson

Merylin Nau

Genet Tsegay

Océane Pernodet

Vaiata Buisson

Babsie Koomson

Susan Larios Cruz

Rose Cathelyne Paul

Rebecca Lau Hoi Yee

Anna Váradi

Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir

Pankhuri Gidwani

Ariska Putri Pertiwi

Klaodia Khalaf

Martina Corrias

Dianne O. Brown

Ayaka Sato

Meldra Rozenberga

Aista Maciulyte

Natascha Bintz

Hio Man Chan

Ranmeet Jassal

Christine Mifsud

Pau Flores

Crina Stinca

Nandar Lwin

Floor Masselink

Cosmiana Brown

Michelle Lacayo

Rachel Onuwa Ikekhuame

Yasmin Osee Aakre

Selena Gómez Santamaría

Cindy Nordmann

Priscila Howard

Nicole Cordoves

Marta Redo

Ana Bomfim

Madison Anderson

Ioana Mihalache

Zatsepina Daria

Sonia Gisa

Gemma Palmer

Sabrina Ng

Viktoria Nagy

Caitlin Harty

Yeseul Cho

Teresa Yuol

Adriana Sanchez Rivas

Harshani Ruman

Daryola Brandon

Victoria Ericsson

Ambre Chavaillaz

Grace Pacifica Chen

Supaporn Malisorn

Veronika Mykhailyshyn

Michelle Leon

Melina Carballo

Debora Paola Medina

Nguyen Thi Loan

Rachael Tate

At the finale of Miss Grand International 2015, Anea Garcia of Dominican Republic was crowned as the winner. But, after Garcia relenquished her crown, Claire Parker of Australia was crowned as the new Miss Grand International 2015. At the conclusion of the finale, Claire passed on her crown and her title to her successor.

Along with the winner, a series of special awards were also be awarded to the contestants. The list of Special Awards included -

Best in National Costume- Miss Indonesia Ariska Putri Pertiwi

Best in Swimsuit- Miss Bahamas Selvinique Wright

Best in Evening Gown- Miss England Cherelle Rose Patterson

Best on Social Media- Miss Jamaica Dianne O. Brown

Miss Popular- Miss Korea Yeseul Cho


Miss Grand International 2016


Miss Grand International 2016 Pageant Info