Miss Intercontinental 2015 : Info

The fourty-fourth edition of Miss Intercontinental  is slated to be held on December 18’ 2015 at the Grand Ballroom of the Maritim Congress Hotel, Magdeburg, Germany. During the gala event of the pageant, more than 60 candidates from different countries and autonomous territories will vie for the prestigious  title of the international beauty pageant.

At the end of the coronation night, Phataraporn Wang of Thailand will crown her successor as Miss Intercontinental 2015.

Here are the (Alphabetically arranged) names of the 60 contestants who are all set to compete for the coveted crown - Adriana Dumitru, Agata Bryl, Agustina Epelde, Alejandra Castillo, Alexandra Engström, Amalie Nygaard, Anya Gould, Aysel Arman, Aysel Arman, Bongani Hunda, Bongani Hunda, Boonyanee Sungpirom, Brianne Bailey, Cameo Turner, Carmen Al Badri, Christi Lynn McGarry, Crina Stinca, Daniela Gutierrez, Dazia Sheibo, Denisse Sarai Deras Mendez, Dolglon Delgerajav, Elen Gamkrelidze, Fatima Santano, Glenda Canavese, Hrispime Sargsyan, Ibrahimova Nigar, Ines Petrova, Iris Hettroijs, Jasmine Prince Pruner, Jonnelis Gonzales, Katherine Garcia, Le Thi Ha Thu, Lilioze Mendonca, Lisbeth Valverde Brenes, Mailin Marrero, Maria Theodosiou, Marika Pfanner, Maryan Okafor, Melissa Elsworth, Mienke van Rooyen, Mwaka Donah Nyirenda, Okeke Blessing Chidinma, Paulina Flores-Cantú, Rachel Altenburg, Raquell Cassie, Saida Nineth Jeronimo, Sarah-Jayne Evan, Shaedith Adriana, Sharon Valverde, Skye Romeyn, Susana Nogueira, Suzette Rivera Sanes, Valentina Rasulova, Veronika Thielová, Virag Steingruber, W May Shin Sein and Zhen Fan.

Magdeburg, East Germany is excited to welcome and host the international pageant for the second time. This year, the Miss Intercontinental Pageant will be aired once more from the Maritim Hall at the Maritim Hotel in the “Conference City Magdeburg”. The Conference Office of the Magdeburg Marketing GmbH is dedicated to promote the capital city of Saxony-Anhalt as a high quality meeting and conference venue.

With 1200 years of rich and colourful history, Magdeburg is one of the oldest cities in the former East Germany. The Miss Intercontinental crown is named Oriental Holy Water and is worth three million yuan (approx. 360,000 US dollars). The design was inspired by water, the source of life, representing the natural beauty and purity of women. The design signifies the strength and the power and includes the woman of beauty in the centre of the crown The crown remains in the WBO Office and is used only for the crowning of each new Miss Intercontinental.


Miss Thailand Patraporn Wang wins Miss Intercontinental 2014