Reinado Internacional del Café : Info

Reinado Internacional del Café is amongst the oldest international pageants in the world. It was first launched in 1957, as Reinado Continental del Café or the Continental Queen of Coffee. Later on other countries from America and other continents were included and the named was changed to the International Queen of Coffee, or Reinado Internacional del Café.
The pageant is held annually in Colombia in the first month of a new year. The first woman to be crowned was Análida Alfaro from Panama. She was crowned as Queen Coffee Continental on January 24, 1957. The beauty pageant was held once every two years initially. All major coffee producing countries participate in the pageant.
Among the countries to bag the title a maximum number of times, Brasil has won a total of 8 times at the pageant, followed by Colombia who touched victory 5 times. Costa Rica and Venzuela’s performance has also been remarkable at the Reinado Internacional del Café beauty pageant.
Priscilla Durand from Brazil won the title of Miss Reinado Internacional del Café in the year 2014. At the same pageant, the 1st runner up position went to Maria de los Remedios Gómez from Spain, while Noelia Díaz from Paraguay was placed as the second runner up and Antonella Rodriguez from Uruguay as the third.
In 2015, Priscilla Durand passed on her crown at the finale of the 44th Reinado Internacional del Café 2015 pageant that was held on 10 January 2015, at Teatro Los Fundadores in Manizales Colombi. The International Coffee Queen 2015 title went to Japan’s Yuri Uchid.
At the final coronation gala of the Reinado Internacional del Café 2016, Yuri Uchid from Japan passed on her crown to her successor. Maydeliana Diaz Parada from Venezuela was crowned as the Reinado Internacional del Café 2016 at a gala coronation event.

Reinado Internacional del Café is amongst the oldest international pageants in the world