Team South America for Miss Supranational 2024

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Team South America for Miss Supranational 2024
Team South America for Miss Supranational 2024

As the excitement builds for Miss Supranational 2024, all eyes are on Team South America, poised to make a significant impact in the international pageant scene. Scheduled to take place on July 6, 2024, at the exquisite venue in Nowy Sącz, Lesser Poland, this year’s edition promises to be a spectacular event, hosted by the dynamic duo, Kasia Koleczek and Nico Panagio.

Team South America, renowned for their diverse and dynamic pool of contestants, features representatives from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Each contestant brings a unique flair and compelling story, embodying the spirit of their respective countries while striving for the coveted Miss Supranational crown. Their preparation and dedication are a testament to their commitment to excel on the global stage.

The Miss Supranational 2024 pageant will not only showcase the beauty and talent of these outstanding individuals but also highlight their efforts in various social and charitable causes. The competition promises to be fierce, with Team South America setting a high bar with their exceptional poise and passion.

South American representatives for Miss Supranational 2024  Miss Supranational Argentina 2024 Agustina Bruenner, Miss Supranational Bolivia 2024 Estefanía Ibarra, Miss Supranational Brazil 2024 Isadora Murta, Miss Supranational Chile 2024 Vaihere Domingo, Miss Supranational Colombia 2024 Sherren Londoño Perea, Miss Supranational Ecuador 2024 Doménica Alessi, Miss Supranational Paraguay 2024 Sofía Meyer, Miss Supranational Peru 2024 Nathaly Terrones, Miss Supranational Uruguay 2024  Lola de los Santos, Miss Supranational Venezuela 2024 Rossana Fiorini.

As the final date approaches, anticipation is building, and Team South America is ready to shine brightly, making their mark in this prestigious international arena. Stay tuned for more updates as these remarkable contestants prepare to make history in Poland

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