Reinas de Costa Rica crowned its winners

28 Aug 2015 | Angelopedia

Reinas de Costa Rica crowned its winners


At the coronation ceremony held in Costa Rica, organised by the Reinas de Costa Rica organisation to crown the beauties for the major international pageants, seven Costa Rican beauty queens were crowned. The organisation organised the ceremony at the Sheraton hotel on the eve of August 27’ 2015. Angelica Reyes, a student studying nutrition and hailing from Perez Zeledon was chosen to represent Costa Rica at the Miss World 2015 pageant.

The director of the organisation, Allan Aleman said that their process of selection is very complex and they made sure to check on all the minute details required to be a beauty queen is present in the chosen delegates.  Besides Reyes, there were other winners as well, who were crowned to represent Costa Rica at international pageants. Melania González was crowned as Miss International Costa Rica 2015, Andrea Rojas was titled Miss Earth Costa Rica 2015. These three were crowned to represent at three out of four major international pageants.

The other queens who were crowned were Lizbeth Valverde as Miss Intercontinental Costa Rica 2015, Mariela Aparicio Miss Grand Costa 2015, Raquel Guevara will represent at Miss Panamerican 2015 and finally Brenda Munoz will represent at Miss Tourism International 2015 to be held in Malaysia. Now coming back to our valuable opinion, what do you think about the newly crowned Costa Rican beauties?