Binibining Cebu 2020 Beatrice Luigi Gomez celebrates one year crown anniversary

13 Jan 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Beatrice Luigi Gomez was crowned Binibining Cebu 2020 on 13th January 2020 last year as she created history being the third titleholder of the pageant and the first openly lesbian winner. Gomez was crowned by Binibining Cebu 2019 Steffi Aberasturi along with none other than Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.



Gomez took to her official social media to express her emotions in a post captioned, “On this same fateful day last year, the stars have aligned to give me a sense of purpose/duty on what had been a difficult year for many. I’ve looked at the past year in various perspective and I’ve learned to appreciate the responsibilities and challenges that came along with the Binibining Cebu title in a year that was so unpredictable. And just as how a normal person would react, I was at first discouraged at how most of 2020 turned out to be but I am grateful for the God given guidance, for not allowing me to succumb in disappointment.”



“I found courage and inspiration to be out there helping those in need in every little way that I can. I found fulfilment in volunteerism and I found joy in having to finish some projects by myself due to physical contact restrictions. 2020 may have been a tough year but my faith kept me going. God continued to bless me and I believe He did so for a reason. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you helped someone get past these challenging times.”

Her q/a round garnered a lot of appreciation as she was asked what makes her beautiful. The Cebuana beauty answered, “I guess what makes me beautiful is my bravery and being true to myself. To tell you guys honestly, I have a girlfriend, I have tattoos, and I’m very proud of my imperfection, and I guess that what makes me beautiful.”