Precious Obisoso crowned Miss International Nigeria 2020

05 Oct 2019 | Angelique Reyes

Beauty of Africa International hosted its 13th edition on 4th October 2019 to crown its representative to Miss International 2020. At the end of the event finale, Precious Obisoso was crowned as Miss International Nigeria 2020. She was the official representative of Sokoto province and took home the crown performing with excellency, grace, and poise. Obisoso stands 182 cm tall, 24-years-old and was born and brought up in Sokoto. She holds a keen interest in studying law and aims to apply for her dream course after the competition of her reigning period. 

Precious has four siblings and she is the fourth one of them. Being the second youngest, she is loved and adored by her parents in every aspect. Hailing from a middle-class family never made her life challenging on the financial front. Crediting her parents for all her achievements, she said, "They did not have so much but made sure they did everything to make me comfortable." 



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Her parents are her biggest fans who always kept on motivating her to do something exceptional. She stepped into the world of pageantry when she was a tot. Ever since she was a child, Obisoso’s mother insisted her to vie in beauty pageants. 

Precious dreamt of becoming a beauty queen since her childhood. Once when she was casually surfing the internet where she found BAIP to be the best African pageant and was surprised to know that there existed a Nigerian Pageant. After a long time of following its page on social media, she applied to it and today holds the crown and the title.



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Being a true patriot, she is passionate about everything that's African and loves her country unconditionally. She believes that beauty pageants empower women and help them become good leaders in life. It is one of the major reasons why she wanted to become a titleholder.

Being an African, she has seen people of her country killing themselves out of depression and anxiety. A large group of people considers death to be an easy escape. If not self-murder, they become a drug addict and it usually affects people between the age of 16-25 years.



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The youth of a country holds the power to make it a successfully developed nation which is why it's very important to bring the younger generation back on track. She wants to eradicate every possibility of depression and aims to bring smiles on people's faces and happiness in their lives. 

 After a lot of research, she has found various techniques and has planned to implement them all pretty soon for the welfare of the individuals and the society on a larger scale. Earlier she has been a counselor to people suffering from depression and witnessed positive changes in them drastically.



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Even when precious was completely unaware about the achievements of Agbani Darego (Miss World 2001), she admired her. During her childhood, she thought her to be an embodiment of beauty and until now considers Agbani as her role model. Unlike many other beauty queens and titleholders, Obisoso has no plans to step into the country’s entertainment industry. She loves to write and would love to become an inspirational writer in the future. Becoming an impactful queen who works for the benefit of mankind is all she desires. 

She was always been passionate about winning and it was this sincerity and dedication of hers that brought her the crown. She has the golden opportunity of flying Nigeria's Flag at the stage of Miss International 2020 in Japan. When she managed to reach into the list of top 10 in Best Traditional Outfit, top 10 in Best in Bikini and top 10 in Best Model, Precious was affirmed that she could be a potential winner and hence worked harder on herself every day to take her skills a level ahead of what she was a day before.