Berfu Yildiz is new Miss Turkey International 2015?

12 Jun 2015 | Angelopedia

At the finals of the Elidor Miss Turkey 2015 held last night, Sevval Ayyaz was crowned Miss Turkey International 2015. Today, however, as per the official website of the Miss Turkey organization, the representative of Turkey for Miss International 2015 will be Berfu Yildiz!

The reasons for the change are not clear so far, but it seems that Sevval Ayyaz has either been dethroned, or has resigned soon after thereby leading the way for selection of Berfu Yildiz as the new Miss Turkey International 2015.

Other title-holders at the finals event were Ecem Çirpan (Miss Turkey World 2015), Asli Melisa Uzun (Miss Turkey Universe 2015) and Hazal Subasi (Miss Turkey Supranational 2015).

Image of Miss Turkey 2015 winners courtesy Elidor Miss Turkey Official -

Miss Turkey 2015 Winners Ecem Çirpan, Asli Melisa Uzun, Hazal Subasi, Sevval Ayyaz