Our favorites from official photoshoot of Binibining Pilipinas 2020

05 Mar 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Binibining Pilipinas 2020, the 57th edition of Binibining Pilipinas, will be held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Philippines. The pageant will award four titles to Philippine representatives to four major international beauty pageants which are Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2020, Binibining Pilipinas International 2020, Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2020, Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2020 and Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2020.

The Binibinig Pilipinas Organization recently released the photos of the stunning 40 delegates under the name “#IAmBinibini”. The shoot symbolizes that the gorgeous and talented divas will always be a Binibini. The photos were captured by renowned photographer Owen Reyes of KLICKBOX. The divas adorned the official Binibini shirt.

Each one of them looked mesmerizingly beautiful but there were these, who looked phenomenal. So, without any further ado, let’s look at our favorite shots given by the stunning beauties who have impressed everyone with their photogenic skills –

Binibini No. 10 Shaira Marie Rona of Mandaluyong City

Shaira Marie Rona is a human resource officer volunteer in a non-profit organization who aims to promote sustainable tourism in Philippines. She wants to raise awareness about the excessive use of plastic and how it contaminates the ocean. Shaira is particularly concerned about the increase of micro plastics levels in the ocean which endangers the corals and is consumed by the marine life. Shaira looks pretty and very innocent in her official photo for the Binibinig Pilipinas 2020 as she wears the red official Binibini shirt and paired it with her smile. The diva decided to tie her hair in a bun which look sleek and elegant. She is one of the strongest contenders for the crown. 



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Binibini no. 11 Maureen Montagne of Batangas

Maureen Montagne is a host and a model by profession and is of an American and Filipina heritage. Maureen’s feature is very sharp and attractive and the diva is aware of the fact on how to use her attractive features for the photoshoot. She looks gorgeous in the red official Binibini shirt. She looks confident and determined to win the title. She let her gorgeous hair down and looks ready for the competition. She wants to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. She believes that with unity and strength we can educate the youth to be better and safe.



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Binibini No. 12 Vianca Louise Marcelo of Malolos City, Bulacan

Vianca Louise Marcelo is Vianca is always brimming with confidence. She knows what it takes to impress people around her. The diva has amazing features and her personality says that she is a beauty queen. Not just her physical attributes, but the characteristics and values embedded in her are remarkable. The diva is very generous and kind. She loves the nature around her and promotes a healthy environment. Her advocacy is “Stop Hunger”.



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Binibini No. 13 Samantha Bernardo of Palawan

Samantha Bernardo who has formerly worked as a Hotelier and as a Makeup and Personality Development Instructor is now a licensed financial advisor, professional model and host. Samantha is a very strong contender for the title as she has the experience in the world of pageantry. She looks beautiful in the red official Binibini shirt and with a smile on her face. The diva’s picture clearly shows her experience and strong personality. Samantha’s beauty is undeniably arresting. She has a chiseled face structure and mesmerizing eyes. Her appearance is endearing and at the same time, she can manage to look bold and fierce on the camera. Samantha is very strong and confident woman and she wishes to live in place where woman’s ability to succeed should be a basic human right and not based on geography.



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Binibini no. 21 Hannah Arnold of Masbate

Hannah Arnold was born to a Filipino mother and an Irish-Australian father with this, she grew up with the best mix of both cultures. She is one of the most talked about candidate in the pageant as she is experienced and very aware about how to compete in a beauty pageant. Hannah wants to promote and raise awareness about education for all. An amalgamation of beauty with brains, Hannah sure has what it takes to win the national crown and represent her country at Miss Universe. She looked beautiful in the red official Binibini shirt. She posed with ease in front of the camera and looked very comfortable and confident while giving the shot.



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Binibini no. 23 Gabrielle Basiano of Borongan City, Eastern Samar

Gabrielle Basiano is in the fourth-year of tourism at the Asian Development Foundation College of Tacloban. The diva aspires to be a businesswoman and flight attendant someday. She is considered as one of the strongest contestants for the title because she is very confident, experienced and dedicated towards winning the title. Gabrielle is a firm believer that the youth are the asset of our nation and thus, good education and values formation should be given to all. Her advocacy is “You are not alone” in support of Mental Health Awareness. She looked excited while shooting for the official photoshoot. Adorning red official Binibini shirt and with a smile on her face, Gabrielle looked gorgeous.



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Binibini no. 25 Carina Cariño of La Union

Carina Cariño is a professional model and student pilot. She has impressed everyone with her grace and elegance. She doesn’t believe that women can just be biological females but also people who identify with the gender, welcoming the era of change and acceptance of everything people stand for including the gender recognition structure in a person’s life. Her advocacy is “Kanlungan ni Inay, Ilaw ng Tahanan” which means the role of a mother in her child’s life. She looks very confident and determined in her official photo in red official Binibini shirt. She is strong opinionated and can win the title.



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Binibini no. 26 Czarina Guiao of Pampanga

Czarina Guaio currently works as a professional model. Czarina’s picture in red official Binibini shirt truly reveals her strong personality. With having big beautiful eyes to a simple yet elegant smile, she captivates the sight of every individual that looks at her. Since she was already in the world of fashion and beauty, she got comfortable with the camera quickly and because of her easy adaptive quality she is quick at learning things and skills. She is an advocate of self-love and would like to use the platform to help girls and young women accept themselves as they are. She believes that people should be kind to one another and try to make the place a better place to live.



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Binibini no. 29 Honey Cartasano of Antipolo City, Rizal

Honey Cartasano is a true example of someone who never gives up. She faced many obstacles and setbacks in her life but never gave up. She strove hard and took charge of her own life at a quite young age. One of her aspirations is to be an I.T. teacher so that she could travel to Japan to dive deep in their anime culture and authentic cuisine. With her lovely hairstyle to her slim-fit body in red official Binibini shirt, Honey has won over the hearts of everyone who saw her. Her social media handle proofs her love for makeup and her style quotient. Honey’s photograph is a photo that captures your attention.



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Binibini no. 36 Vickie Rushton of Negros Occidental

Vickie Rushton currently works as a Filipino actress, model and a beauty pageant titleholder. She is surely a tough competition as this is going to be her third try in the pageant. With having big beautiful eyes to a simple yet elegant smile, she captivates the sight of every individual that looks at her. She looks gorgeous in red official Binibini shirt and a wide smile on her face. Vickie is and advocate for the people with Down Syndrome and people with disabilities. She wants to raise awareness about the want to urge people to be considerate towards the people who deal with it. Her kindness and love for others has always made her one of the most loves contestants in the pageantry world.



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