Miss Italy Runner Up Body Shamed... Responds with Confidence!

27 Sep 2016 | Angelopedia

When 22 year old runner up of Miss Italy 2016 contest was attacked with brutal comments from other contestants after the show, she showed no signs of feeling ashamed of her body. In fact as a response to the brutal comments Paola Torrente, the beauty in talk, proudly claimed to be in love in her naturally curvy figure.

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Body shamed Miss Italy Runner up Paola Torrente Responds


It is a presumption for most of the people that only slim and trim are beautiful and sensuous. But Miss Italy contest 2016 broke all stereotypes when the gorgeous queen of curves was declared the runner-up in the contest.

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Paolo reported that she felt proud to have inspired many other girls who are thanking her to show the world that curvy is beautiful, too. According to her, everyone has a right to speak out their opinions even if they are wrong. She didn’t feel upset over the comments, and believes that the best way to respond is to be happy and feel good.

She claims that she loves the way she is, and so does her 26 year old boyfriend. Torrente, a student from south of Naples, made her fans happier and more proud of her with the way she had responded to the criticism and her haters.

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The model inspires everyone to be healthy. Her health tricks consist of hitting the gym 4 days a week, eating organic and fresh food. Paolo states that it is a good thing that mentality of people is changing for good and people, even the beauty and fashion industries, are ready to adore double digit figures, today.