Britney, Mariah and Pitbull to perform at Miss Universe 2015?

15 Nov 2015 | Angelopedia

This years’s Miss Universe is going to be more and more exciting as Ari Emmanuel, the new owner gives us many good reasons to wait keenly for the finale. And one of the good reasons is that the three music industry biggies such as Britney, Mariah and Pitbull are being tapped to perform and grace the gala night of the Miss Universe in Las Vegas.Although the news is not being confirmed yet.


Britney, Mariah and Pitbull to perform at Miss Universe 2015?


As far as the rumours are concerned about the participation of the three music big sensations; According to our sources, these three music industry biggies are being approached  to sizzle and grace the stage of the Miss Universe in Las Vegas. And perhaps, one of them might even sit as a judge. Moreover, It is also unclear  whether they will be sharing the stage together or as separate acts will be bringing the house down, if the rumours are to be believed as true. So you should expect a lot of hot and bravura production this year.

As we previously updated you that the new owner is going to make the pageant like never before, probably this is what was new. As Ari Emmanuel is set to pull out the needed zest on this year’s edition, all we can do is to wait and watch if this will indeed be the sizzling Miss Universe pageant ever!

What do you think? Isn’t it the hottest news ever?