Chelsea Manalo Crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2024

23 May 2024 | Aakanksha Chugh

In a dazzling coronation ceremony that captivated the nation, Chelsea Manalo was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2024. The prestigious event, held in Manila, saw Manalo triumph over a pool of exceptional candidates, showcasing grace, intelligence, and unwavering determination.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Cebu, Manalo, with her radiant smile and undeniable charisma, charmed both judges and spectators alike throughout the competition. Her journey to the crown was marked by sheer dedication and perseverance, embodying the essence of beauty with a purpose.



The newly crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Chelsea Manalo’s court included –

1st Runner-Up - Stacey Daniella Gabriel

2nd Runner-Up – Maria Ahtisa Manalo

3rd Runner-Up - Justine Tarah Marie Valencia

4th Runner-Up - Christi Lynn McGarry



Also at the event, Stacey Daniella Gabriel was awarded as the first runner-up while Maria Ahtisa Manalo was awarded as the second runner-up.

With a background in advocacy for women's education and empowerment, Manalo aims to utilize her platform to champion causes close to her heart. Her victory not only symbolizes personal achievement but also heralds a new era of advocacy-driven leadership within the pageant realm.

Upon her coronation, Manalo expressed profound gratitude to her supporters, family, and mentors, acknowledging their unwavering support throughout her journey. As she embarks on her reign as Miss Universe Philippines 2024, Manalo vows to continue inspiring positive change and making a meaningful impact on society.



With her undeniable charm, poise, and commitment to philanthropy, Chelsea Manalo stands poised to represent the Philippines at Miss Universe 2024.