Ceska Miss 2017 finalists in a no makeup photoshoot

15 Apr 2017 | Angelopedia

Ceska Miss 2017 pageant promises to be different, and the pageant is abiding by it. The pageant is moving towards the finale with 16 finalists. From attending seminars and sessions with the former Ceska Miss, to competing at different Preliminary Rounds, the contestants are doing it all. A photoshoot is probably every girl’s dream, and the delegates of Ceska Miss 2017 are living this dream to the fullest.
The latest photoshoot of the contestants was a bit of a challenge. The girls had to pose, but with minimal make-up. Yes, this time the girls had to go for an almost no make-up photoshoot. The idea was to not have any sort of props, take a grey background, and to keep it simple in terms of styling the girls. The challenge was that the girls should hold an expression, and it cannot be a pretty smile. Wow, minimal make-up and no smile... now that was a tough one!! But, the Ceska Miss 2017 beauties nailed this photoshoot as well with all grace and beauty.

Ceska Miss 2017 Portrait Shoot

Now, the pictures might appear simple, but to extract such beauty in such simple photoshoot was a task in itself, and required a lot of time. The girls were trained by a team of experts, who not just prepared the girls for the shoot, but also guided them with postures and technique. The photoshoot was supervised by Simona Krainová, styling was taken care of by Filip Vanek, and Make-Up Institute headed by makeup guru Hristina Georgievsk took care of the make-up. 
Czech Miss is the national pageant of Czech Republic. It was established in 2005. Until 2009, the pageant only selected representatives for Miss Universe, but in 2010 the franchise of Miss World was also awarded to Michaela Malácová. It was then, the two national pageants, Ceská Miss and Miss Ceské Republiky came together to select representatives of two big international pageants.
Czech Miss 2016 (or Ceská Miss) was held on April 2’ 2015. Andrea Bezdekova was crowned as Ceska Miss 2016 at the conclusion of the grand finale. She will now pass on her crown to one of the successors. Who do you think will win the coveted title of Ceská Miss 2017? Let us know your views in the comment section below...