Destiny Wagner to represent Belize at Miss Universe 2020?

25 Dec 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Belize organization announced, last month, that a new representative will be crowned to represent Belize at Miss Universe 2020. The organization will not be hosting a pageant this year due to the covid-19 restrictions. The winner will succeed Miss Universe Belize 2019 Destinee Dominique Arnold.

While the organization is yet to make an announcement, it is being speculated that the first runner-up of the last year’s edition will be made the 2020 edition representative. Destiny Wagner, first runner-up Miss Universe Belize 2019, can be an ideal representative to compete at Miss Universe 2020.



Destiny showed immense potential at the 2019 national edition. This year was tough on everyone and it was, indeed, tough for her as well but she definitely shined through at the end. Destiny’s inspiration and idol is her mother who is a vessel of love and light for her.

Destiny collaborated with 20 other Belizean writers and wrote ‘Belizean Blues’ this year in efforts to raise awareness and funds to combat Unequal education and Child hunger issues in Belize. The book is filled with poems and short stories inspired by the lives of everyday Belizeans and 100% of the proceeds have gone towards a non-profit organization, Operation Kingdom. Operation Kingdom is dedicated to combating child hunger and fighting for equal education.

She also talked about ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and how people just easily post something because its ‘trending’. This year was full of problems and cultivated efforts for people globally, but it never stopped Destiny to preach what she follows.



She wrote, “Don’t post or hashtag #BLM and fail to have uncomfortable conversations with your family and friends. Don’t post your “token” friends apart of the LGBTQ community and refuse to stand up or demand equal rights for them. Don’t post about ending rape culture while enabling your misogynist friends. Don’t post about feminism and women empowerment while actively slut shaming.” Destiny will definitely be a strong contender at Miss Universe 2020 if she continues with her hard work and sincerity.

Last year, Miss Universe Belize 2019 Destinee Arnold represented Belize at Miss Universe 2019 but unfortunately failed to place in the Top 20. The country is yet to pioneer its win in Miss Universe.