Elizabeth Grant Miss England – Our Favourite for Miss World 2016

12 Dec 2016 | Angelopedia

The 20 year old, Elizabeth Grant has impressed her fans around the world and now she is all ready to impress the Miss World judges during its coronation gala. The 20 year old beauty from England is extremely confident in a non-cocky way. She is determined that her charismatic personality and assertive charm will make her a magnetic persona stand out from the rest, making her get closer to the beautiful crown.


Elizabeth Grant Miss England – Our Favourite for Miss World 2016


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The beauty stands tall at an astounding height of 188 centimetres. She describes herself as empathetic and honest. The delegate is a third year student pursuing a course in Psychology. She wants to be a child psychologist and is doing her best to get on that field. She volunteers with children dedicatedly. The gorgeous delegate has volunteered for 2 weeks in rebuilding a primary school in Fiji.

Elizabeth is blessed with a flawless face, beautiful features, and amazing physique. She is one of the strongest candidates at this year’s Miss World pageant. The beauty is all set to give tough competition to ambassadors from other countries. Would she be able to make a mark at the pageant finals on 18th December?

Well! According to the beauty, “Mistakes are made, lessons are learnt.” Whether or not she wins, only time will tell..but the beauty has pierced our hearts and there has been no mistake there! 

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