Estrella Danieri emerging as the front-runner for Miss Earth Argentina 2020

14 Aug 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

The 20th edition of Miss Earth Argentina i.e., Miss Earth Argentina 2020, will be hosted soon where the 12 ‘Eco-Angels’ from all over the country will compete for the title of Miss Earth Argentina 2020 and their chance to represent Argentina at Miss Earth 2020. Miss Earth Argentina 2019 Florencia Barreto Fessler will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

While the whole batch has shown tremendous capability, there is one delegate who has caught everyone’s attention with her exceptional beauty and grace. Estrella Danieri (Age: 20 Years) is emerging as the potential winner for Miss Earth Argentina 2020 crown. She is the director of school of models and is a student of English as well.



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The diva is not new to the beauty pageant world as she was elected National Pomelo Queen 2018 and was named as the Ambassador of the City of Formosa 2018. She has always aspired to a beauty queen and represent Argentina at international stage and Miss Earth Argentina 2020 a step closer to that dream. Estrella feels that the platform is perfect for her to advocate and raise awareness about things she believes in and one of the them is environment safety.

In a video she posted on her social media account, she mentioned that the mother nature speaks to us and we should be responsible for the actions we have taken over the couple of years. “We must be responsible and take ecological, supportive and respectful measures with our environment, both social and natural: even the smallest have great repercussions!”



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Estrella is very excited and feels honoured to be a part of a stage that has given her a chance to observe the nature closely and work towards making the correct choices in future to heal the environment. She has thanked everyone who has supported her for her journey till now and expects them to keep supporting her till the end. She has assured that she will perform her best at the competition and would give her best to represent the province with humility, environmental and social awareness about the care of our land is her priority.

The diva has been preparing hard for the competition as she explains that she is preparing herself with different classes of speech, coaching, media and social networks, nutrition, catwalk, cultural information for the finale night. She is beautiful, strong, determined, and focused towards winning the title which makes her one of the favourites along with a front runner for the title.