Miss Germany 2018 last Missen Camp highlights

15 Feb 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Dead tired, but always smiling: The 22 participants of the Miss Germany election. At 3 o'clock in the morning the journey started to the Frankfurt airport, where some appointments, such as this photo shoot, were planned until the departure. TV presenter Alexander Mazza, MGC CEO Ralf Klemmer, Olympic champion Lars Riedel, acting Miss Germany 2017 Soraya Kohlmann, Miss Mummy Ines Klemmer and event presenter Lutz Riemenschneider joined the girls at the Missen camp. Once onboard Conndor airlines, Ananhita Rehbein got voted Miss Condor by the passengers. The beauty queens received a royal reception at the TUI Magic Life Hotel on Fuerteventura. For ten days, the 22 candidates will prepared for the election of Miss Germany - with workouts, training for knees, media coaching and lots of photo shoots and video shoots.


Miss Germany 2018 last Missen Camp highlights

(Photo Credits - Miss Germany Official)

The animation team of TUI Magic Life also participated in the "Supertalent" evening. The 22 Misses who will fight for the crown on the 24th of February have already become a big family during their preparation time. And the winner of the title "Miss TUI Magic Life" due to her performance at the "Supertalent" evening is Miss Hamburg 2018 Laura-Sophie Hering.

Then it was time for the Missen camp to come to an end. The  nervousness set in at this point, as the elections of Miss Germany 2018 got closer. On the last day, the girls marched down to the beach, with the whole crew, for a bikini photoshoot. The weather at Fuerteventura, was as nice as it could be, but that didn’t mean the girls got a warm breeze. Cool winds blew as the girls prepared for their shots. The women forgot the temperature once the camera was focused at them Photographer Mohammad Charavi was the photographer at the shoot. The girls took over the pool after the shot. They let their stress wash away with mocktails, and then a fun after party. Always in bed by 10:00 pm, the misses were allowed to stay up a little longer this time, sober of course.