Star GS Hellas 2021 Meet the Contestants

12 Jul 2021 | Camilla Suarez

Star GS Hellas 2021 is all set to host its coronation for the 11th edition in September 2021 where stunning beauties from all over the country will compete for the national crown and an opportunity to represent Greece at Miss Earth 2022. This year’s winner will succeed Star GS Hellas 2020 Katerina Pyschou for the title, who will be representing Greece at the upcoming Miss Earth 2021.

The whole world is turning to the eyes of their Peacock logo, introduced last year, this year as well as the Symbol of the Beauty Institution for Greece. The 2021 batch for the national pageant boasts of charming and talented divas.

Here are the stunning nineteen beauties competing for Star GS Hellas 2021 –

Faye Skiada (Age: 18 years)

Ioanna Soldatou (Age: 18 years)

Chrysanthi Tsotra (Age: 16 years)

Nagia Zacharopoulou (Age: 19 years)

Samantha Misovic (Age: 18 years)

Sofia Arapogianni (Age: 21 years)

Aspasia Spanopoulou (Age: 27 years)

Anna Tsara (Age: 20 years)



Erika Terzi (Age: 25 years)

Venetsiana Frangou (Age: 24 years)

Maria-Elpida Liberatou (Age: 20 years)

Georgia Ampartzaki (Age: 20 years)

Chryssa Kavraki (Age: 21 years)

Morfoula Papadopoulou (Age: 26 years)

Maria Fadaki (Age: 21 years)

Irini Plaskasovitis (Age: 21 years)

Katerina Kouvoutsaki (Age: 24 years)

Christina Kouka (Age: 21 years)

Georgia Nastou (Age: 22 years)