Neena Macaire Bezuidenhout crowned the first ever Jewel of the World 2018

30 May 2018 | Camilla Suarez

The inaugural coronation night of Jewel of the World 2018 was held on May 26, 2018, at the Dance Vision Arena, San Juan City, Philippines. The event was held with grandeur fit for any International pageant. South Africa's Neena Macaire Bezuidenhout was crowned the first ever Jewel of the World 2018.

Jewel of the World 2018 1st runner-up was Manpreet Sekhon from India, and the 2nd runner-up was Achelle Medrano from The Philippines.

Jewel of the World 2018 Neena Macaire Bezuidenhout took to her Social media and thanked her fans and supporters for the win.


Neena Macaire Bezuidenhout crowned the first ever Jewel of the World 2018

(Photo Credits: Jewel Of The World Facebook Official)

Sorry for the late post.

I was catching up on some beauty sleep and have been a busy bee the whole day.

Where do I begin to say thank you...

There are no amount of words that can describe the gratefulness,thankfulness and honour within my heart to receive such a wonderful opportunity to represent my beautiful country as Jewel of the World - South Africa and then to be the newly crowned and first ever Jewel of the World 2018 is such a huge achievement and blessing as I will not only be representing my diverse and multi-cultural nation but, I have been granted the opportunity to represent "beauty in diversity" for every nation of the world. I will use this platform to promote unity in diversity and unite each person of the world together by heart since it is the one thing that humanity has in common and it can be seen as a special jewel that connects the world together. We are all a Rainbow Nation!

Special thank you to my national director Adele Int for making all of this possible and supporting all of my dreams and making them a reality.

Thank you for all of your support,guidance,kindness and I appreciate everything that you do.

Thank you to John De La Vega for creating such a prestigious platform where all women and from different backgrounds,traditions,cultures and heritages can all be a united entity.

Thank you for making everyone feel like they are right at home and for going out of your way to make this a pleasant stay and a family orientated event.

I look forward to spending the next 10 days in the paradise of Philippines learning more about Filipino culture and enjoying every bit of this journey with you and the people of Philippines.????

Thank you to the JOW Sponsors.

Thank you so much to the JOW co-candidates for making this a unforgettable and memorable experience. I feel that we all share such a special bond and sisterhood.

Thank you to the JOW the world team for always being helpful and kind-hearted from day one. You made us feel like a true family.You all rock!

Thank you so much for all the support that I received on this journey from my Family,Friends,People of the Philippines and The South African Embassy, Manila.

My message to everyone:

I'm truly blessed to count all of my blessings and thank you to every person for touching my heart in so many ways. You are all one of a kind jewels and your jewel will always have a special place in my heart.