Karolina Matrosova Miss Latvia 2017 Finalist – Introduction

12 May 2017 | Angelopedia

The prestigious, Miss Latvia 2017 is an annual beauty pageant that chooses representatives for the Miss World pageant. This most-anticipated pageant is all set to get aired with the scintillating beauties vying for the glorious crown. The focus is basically to bring the contestants on the International stage to represent their country at its very best. 

Miss Latvia 2017 Finalist – Introduction

Karolina, a charming looking woman is one of the contestants vying for the title. Let us get in touch with her life and interests:
22 year old beauty loves sports, reading books, art, travelling and spending quality time with friends. She is into organizing cultural events and pursuing studies at State Police College.  Representing the Country at the International level is something she wants to attain with her hard work and determination.
She added, “My childhood dream was to participate in Miss and Mr Latvia competition, that’s why I could not stand aside and I challenged myself.” On being asking why exactly she wants to win Miss Latvia 2017? Matrosova beautifully answered, “In my opinion, every one of us is already a winner and everyone of us deserves to win first prize, because we all have the necessary qualities to represent Latvia on international level.  But why it should be me? I believe, that my hard work proves, that I am worthy to win.”
Happiness to her is to live a happy life and tying it to a goal and not to people or objects, as Albert Einstein once said. Latvia is beautiful, independent, talented, welcoming and cultural according to the beauty. The stunner loves her country and wants to make it proud by representing herself in the most remarkable way. We want to wish the lady all the best for the competition.