Katherine Espin to Donald Trump, “You cannot deny what is real and happening”

17 Feb 2017 | Angelopedia

When US President Donald Trump was asked about climate changed, he refused to acknowledge the global environmental problem. And during a recent, one on one interview, Miss Earth 2016 Katherine Espin said her advocacy as reigning Miss Earth will focus on addressing climate change, calling it as the “most important environmental issue we have right now in the planet.”

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According to Katherine, people’s interest play an important role in this problem. Further, relating to Donald Trump’s comments, she said, “So if leaders from the world are denying the problem, I really have to be against them because we do have a problem. We are suffering from climate change and so many people are losing their homes and livelihood.”


Katherine Espin to Donald Trump, “You cannot deny what is real and happening”


The Paris Agreement on climate change seeks to reduce emission of greenhouse gases and help vulnerable countries adapt to the impact of climate change. In the campaign trail, Trump said he would “cancel” the Paris agreement and threatened to withdraw American tax dollars from global warming programs of the United Nations. On the other hand, Espin vowed to stand her ground and spread the message to the world leaders that climate change is true and not just an imagination. Espin also shared how she and the other candidates visited typhoon-affected families in Isabela and saw how hard it was for them.”

The beauty queen said that the time has changed and one can’t deny what’s in there. If we actually see people denying, it’s just about personal interest. That’s it. But me as Miss Earth, I can’t deny it and I have to tell the truth,” Espin added. In addition to raising awareness about climatic change, the beauty queen said she would also promote eco-tourism among big companies, and bring in to practice the five environmental Rs - reuse, reduce, recycle, rethink and respect.

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Lastly, Katherine added, “My message is actually work enable to spread a positive message for people to live in a positive way for the environment and also be an example to young women that it’s not about being beautiful and wearing your physical appearance. It’s about enriching yourself with knowledge and being independent and professional woman.”

After finishing her reign, Katherine is planning to pursue her master’s degree in international law.