Meet Kirsty Lerchundi Miss Supranational United Kingdom 2019

02 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

Kirsty Lerchundi was elected Miss Supranational United Kingdom 2019 in the month of October 2019 and she is going to represent the country at Miss Supranational 2019. She hails from England in United Kingdom.

She believes that we should be leaders of our own destiny to achieve what we want in life. She says that all have different goals and aspirations, and hers is to educate people and widen their perceptions with her art.


Meet Kirsty Lerchundi Miss Supranational United Kingdom 2019


Helen Keller is one of her biggest role models, because Helen overcame many barriers in her early life and took that knowledge to help children that were just like her to achieve what they wanted to do in life whilst minimizing misconceptions. She never gave up and helped others along the way. Kirsty always take advice from her wise words and never give up. “All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.” This quote is her favorite and she loves this quote as it suggests that there is still a lot of things that could improve in the world but recognizes the work already done by many others wanting to make it better and giving hope for further actions to take place in the future.

When her trip to Uganda ended, she became passionate about helping young girls and boys get the opportunity in which one can help them with their personal goals. Education can help further your knowledge which can help so much with someone's future, she believes that it's essential when trying to better anyone’s quality of life.


Meet Kirsty Lerchundi Miss Supranational United Kingdom 2019


She also said “I came across Africat UK when I was attending a presentation and charity auction by IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals). Their motto aligned with my values, “Conservation through education”, helping with wild cat conservation in Namibia whilst educating local communities on how to live alongside these animals. They also have a small school teaching primary school child on current environmental issues and Conservation in company with other subjects. ’Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.’ -- Helen Keller.”

She will now enjoy a year of appearances in her new role and will represent United Kingdom along with 130 contestants from around the world at the three-week festival and 11th edition of Miss Supranational 2019. The eleventh gala of the Miss Supranational competition i.e. Miss Supranational 2019, which will take place on 6th December 2019 for the first time in Silesia in Katowice.