Leslie Santos is Miss Supranational Dominican Republic 2015

11 Sep 2014 | Angelopedia

Leslie Santos representing Santiago was eventually crowned Miss Supranational Dominican Republic 2015 at the finals of Miss Mundo Dominicana 2014 pageant held yesterday at Centro Comercial Sambil, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Initially, she was adjudged the second runner-up to Miss Mundo Dominicana 2014, while Rosa Nilda Adames representing Villa Altagracia was crowned Miss Supranational Dominican Republic 2015.

However, the big resignation drama unfolded minutes after the crowning, when Rosa Nilda Adames relinquished her title. After her resignation, the title was passed on to Laura Baez, the first runner-up, who also resigned from her position as the first runner-up, and the title was eventually given to the second runner-up Leslie Santos.

Leslie Santos will now represent Dominican Republic at Miss Supranational 2015 pageant. The other winners at the pageant were Miss Mundo Dominicana 2014 - Dhio Moreno, Miss International Dominican Republic 2014 - Barbara Santana and Miss Earth Dominican Republic 2015 - Mayte Brito Medina.


Leslie Santos Miss Supranational Dominicana Dominican Republic 2015