Lola Ortega Martinez is the newly crowned Miss Earth Spain 2015

13 Nov 2015 | Angelopedia

Lola Ortega Martinez is the new representative of Spain for the Miss Earth 2015 pageant. The announcement was made on the official Facebook page of Miss Earth Spain. Lola will now represent Spain at the Miss Earth 2015 pageant. However, the Miss España Tierra Organization is yet to release an official statement behind the replacement of the original winner, Andrea Pannochia.

Originally, Andrea Pannocchia Serrano was chosen as Spain’s delegate to the Miss Earth 2015 pageant. This year, there was an intense screening session to select Spain’s representative for Miss Earth. There were various applicants, and the judges filtered out the winner out of the various applicants.

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Lola Ortega Martinez is the newly crowned Miss Earth Spain 2015


Lola is a student of Psychology and Language. She was elected as the first runner-up during the casting of Miss Earth Spain 2015. Standing tall at an astounding height of 174 cm, Lola dons a beautiful set of green brown eyes. She is getting trained to groom herself and be prepared enough to compete at the Miss Earth pageant.

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Lola has a delicate charm to her beauty, which makes her appear more and more lovable. But she still needs to train herself and make herself eligible to stand alongside her other competitors. The fifteenth edition of the Miss Earth 2015 will officially kick start from November 17 and it will go on till the finale happens in Vienna, Austria. Do you think Lola has what it takes to be the next Miss Earth?