Meet Lyndl Kean Miss Earth 2016 Finalist

20 Oct 2016 | Angelopedia

The grand finale of Miss Earth Australia 2016 concluded with the crowning of Lyndl Kean as the new Miss Earth Australia. She succeeds Dayanna Grageda, Miss Earth Australia 2015, and will now compete in Miss Earth 2016 scheduled to be held on October 29’ 2016.

26 years old Lyndl Kean standing tall at an astounding height of 179 cm is one of our favourites for the Miss Earth 2016 title. Working as a professional model, Lyndl comes from a family of four girls and two loving parents.


Meet Lyndl Kean Miss Earth 2016 Finalist


Talking about her environmental advocacy, Lyndl shares, “My advocacy is animal agriculture. Raising animals and livestock for human consumption is the number one contributor to climate change. I want to influence people to make better choices so we can reduce the affects animal agriculture has on our earth. Animal agriculture contributes to green house gas emissions, deforestation, ocean dead zones, habitat destruction species extinction and water usage. Climate change is real and is happening right in front of our eyes. We need to make better choices now to ensure a healthy earth for future generations of people and animals walking the Earth.”

The young beauty understands that life is about experiences and relationships. Whether that be with family, friends, nature, animals or oneself. She thinks to nurture and respect the relationship in your life is to ensure happiness and the feeling of fulfilment.

Gorgeous Lyndl  talking about her was quoted saying, “The Kean family are very close and supportive of one another. We still take those nature walks and camping trips together like we did when I was young.

Lyndl’s trivia about herself states, “I truly see myself as a Woman of the Earth having travelled to over fifteen different counties and I fully immerse myself in their cultures. Whenever I travel my favourite thing to do is nature walks and studying the environments of these places. I have a lifelong dream to volunteer in an orang-utan sanctuary and contribute to saving these wonderful creatures.”


Meet Lyndl Kean Miss Earth 2016 Finalist


Lyndl is not a new to the world of pageants. She was a contestant at the Miss Earth Australia 2015 and was titled Miss Earth Australia Air. She was one of the big favourites for the crown last year as well. As a vegetarian, Lyndl will be using her Miss Earth journey to raise awareness of the environmental effects caused by animal agriculture. She wishes to influence people to eat less meat, reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation.

Lyndl Kean is very caring, loving, adventurous and an active person. Lyndl has the looks and the body and she has been a model since years. Where do you see Lyndl at the Miss Earth 2016 pageant??