Miss Universe Colombia organization announces coronation date for Maria Fernanda Aristizabal Miss Universe Colombia 2022

13 May 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

María Fernanda Aristizábal was designated Miss Universe Colombia 2022 at a press conference held in Medellin on 6th April 2022. She received the sash from Miss Universe Colombia 2021 Valeria Ayos.

In an interview, Natalie Ackermann, the president of Miss Universe Colombia , reported that she did not do the coronation at that event in Medellín because she wanted that moment to be very special for María Fernanda.



“I didn't want to put the crown on her because she deserves a coronation event, not just a press conference. She deserves to have that special moment, as well as the Colombians who love her queens, "she expressed to this medium.

The coronation, thus, will take place on 23rd July 2022 this year. " I'm very happy because I just found out today, here in a meeting with my friends that the coronation is on July 23. I don't know anything else, just what's going on to be very pretty”, Maria wrote as she got the wonderful news.

The venue is yet to be determined. María won Miss Colombia 2019 by outgoing titleholder Gabriela Tafur, becoming the first woman from Quindío Department to win the title. As Miss Colombia 2019, she was supposed to represent Colombia at Miss Universe 2020.



However, In June 2020, Natalie Ackermann gained ownership of the Colombian franchise to Miss Universe and confirmed that a new pageant would be held to select the Colombian representative in 2020 and that Aristizábal would not be representing Colombia at Miss Universe.

After finishing her reign as Miss Colombia, Maria began talks to be adjudged as Miss Universe Colombia 2022 and after reaching an agreement, the decision was made to give her the crown.