Meet the contestants of Miss Universe Canada 2024

05 Jul 2024 | Irina Silva

As the countdown begins to crown Miss Universe Canada 2024, excitement mounts as 70 exceptional finalists vie for the prestigious title. Set against the backdrop of Canada's diverse beauty and talent, these remarkable women embody grace, intelligence, and a commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Scheduled for July 27th, the crowning of Miss Universe Canada 2024 marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards the 73rd Miss Universe competition, slated to be held in Mexico this November. This year's competition promises to showcase not just outer beauty, but also inner strength and purpose among its contestants.



Here are the Delegates competing Miss Universe Canada 2024 :

Aly Lozoff

Alysha Chetty

Amber Scarlett

Anna Haghdoust

Ashley Callingbull

Audrey Addo

Brittany Campbell

Bryanna Trece


Carlinda Lee

Daniela Pragosa

Dassie Persaud-van der Westhuizen

Elise Rose Cushnie

Erum Naseeb

Fawnda Bullshields

Honey Anvarova

Itisha Chowdhury

Ivonn Novikova

Jasmine Gawdis

Jaspreet Kaur-Batra

Jeeti Virk

Jinghan Wang

Jo-Anne Reynolds

Johanna Minga

Jolanta Bird

Jordynne Choy



Kaïna Deroy

Kamilla Mihalik

Kelsey Seguin

Khadija Omar

Komal Kumar

Kristina Goncharova

Lachelle Williams

Lannie Houle

Laurie Bedard

Lily Ahonen

Lorraine Peters

Mansi Sojitra

Marguerite Dieunie Kilama

Maria Rosaline Suarez

Massi Khaleghi

Megen Wilkins

Melina Svab

Mia Fiona Kut

Michelle Carpentier Solorio

Mildred Rincon

Natalia Garand

Noelline Meslin

Nomin Bayasgalan

Olga Bykadorova

Raika Coutinho

Randi-Lyn Forbes

Rebecca Drouin

Rebecca Mathew

Sabrina Mann

Salome Grajales

Samantha Lal

Sandra Michael

Sofia DiMario

Solange Tuyishime-Keita

Sommer Knight

Sonalisa Dhungana

Sophia Sladic

Theresa Boueiry

Tianna Anurukem

Timnit Tukku

Vivian Santizo

Wranga Bedar

Yasmine Johnson

Zeinab Anvari



From coast to coast, each finalist brings a unique story and charisma, reflecting Canada's rich cultural tapestry. The pageant serves as a platform for these women to advocate for causes close to their hearts, ranging from environmental sustainability to mental health awareness and beyond. Their dedication to these issues underscores their role as ambassadors of change, aspiring to make a meaningful difference in their communities and beyond.

The pageant's rigorous selection process ensures that only the most deserving candidate will represent Canada on the global stage at Miss Universe. Beyond the glitz and glamour, contestants undergo extensive preparation in areas such as public speaking, philanthropy, and personal development, equipping them to excel as leaders in today's world. As anticipation builds towards the final night, Canadians and pageant enthusiasts alike eagerly await to see who will capture the crown and carry the hopes of a nation to Mexico.

Stay tuned as we witness Canada's next queen take her place among the stars, ready to shine brightly on the international stage.