Meet the Contestant of Miss Universe Bolivia 2024

10 Jun 2024 | Irina Silva

The 26 finalists of Miss Universe Bolivia 2024 have been unveiled, each vying for the prestigious crown that promises to catapult one fortunate woman into the spotlight of international diplomacy and advocacy.

Juliana Barrientos Gaidrikh

Adri Gamón

Tamara Salazar

Gabriela Alicia

Zorita Zory Rodriguez Tuno



Marieta Serrate

Mafer Melgar

Maria Rosa Rioja Oyola

Diana Romero Galarza

Cruz olga chavezi

Katherin Sosa Vaca

Sarahi JT



Luz Melyna Velarde Arriaza

Steffany Arriaza

Noelia Magne

Sdenka Moya

Iara Nadiezhda Terceros

Stephanie Alvarado Saucedo

Laura Bleichner Taboada

Alejandra Segovia Michel

Yuli Fuentes Fernandez

Gabriela De Paiva

Adriana Delgadillo Russo

Adri Delgadillorusso

Brisey kacullarmo



Natalia Omiste

Hazel Holters Datzer

With the coronation set for June 29th, anticipation is at an all-time high as these exceptional women prepare to showcase their talents, poise, and commitment to making a difference. The competition isn’t just about physical beauty; it's a celebration of resilience, intelligence, and the ability to effect positive change.

Among the finalists are accomplished individuals from diverse backgrounds, each bringing a unique story and passion to the stage. From urban centers to rural communities, they represent the rich tapestry of Bolivia's cultural heritage and modern aspirations. Their journey to the crown has been marked by months of rigorous preparation, from mastering the art of public speaking to championing social causes close to their hearts.

As the nation eagerly awaits the crowning moment, speculation swirls over who will emerge victorious and carry the honor of representing Bolivia at the 73rd Miss Universe competition in Mexico later this year. The chosen candidate will not only embody beauty and grace but will also serve as an ambassador for Bolivian culture, values, and global issues.

The Miss Universe Bolivia pageant isn't just a showcase of beauty; it's a platform for these women to inspire and lead. Beyond the glitz and glamour, it's about empowering voices and making a meaningful impact on the world stage. As the countdown begins, all eyes are on these remarkable finalists, each a beacon of hope and possibility for the future of Bolivia and beyond.