Meet the Contestants of Miss Universe Aruba 2024

05 Jun 2024 | Irina Silva

As anticipation builds for the prestigious Miss Universe 2024 pageant in Mexico, Aruba is gearing up with its own dazzling array of contestants. These remarkable women are not just competing for a crown; they are poised to represent Aruba on the global stage of beauty and grace.



The Miss Universe Aruba 2024 competition features a diverse lineup of contestants, each bringing unique talents, passions, and advocacies to the forefront. From the sun-kissed beaches of Palm Beach to the vibrant streets of Oranjestad, these contestants embody the spirit and beauty of Aruba.

Here are the Top Contestants of Miss Universe Aruba 2024 –

Sasha Williams

Giulia Brezovar

Anouk Eman



Marie Sonise



Under the theme of "Unity in Diversity," the pageant celebrates Aruba's cultural richness and commitment to inclusivity. Contestants undergo rigorous preparations, honing their poise, intellect, and charisma to compete at an international level.

The winner of Miss Universe Aruba 2024 will proudly represent the island paradise at the 73rd Miss Universe pageant. Beyond beauty, she will carry the hopes and dreams of Aruba, showcasing the island's unique identity to a global audience.

Stay tuned as these extraordinary women embark on their journey to make Aruba proud and leave an indelible mark on the world stage of Miss Universe 2024.