Miss England 2017 Meet the finalists

03 Jul 2017 | Angelopedia

As the countries are busy selecting their representatives for the international pageant, Miss England Organisation is here with its 2017 edition to select the perfect representative to the Miss World 2017 pageant. The final of Miss England 2017 is scheduled to be held on 14th July 2017.

Miss England is an annual national beauty pageant held in England to select a representative for the Miss World pageant. The Miss England pageant is owned by Angie Beasley, a winner of 25 beauty contests in the 1980s who has also organised beauty pageants around the country on behalf of Miss World, including Miss United Kingdom, Mr UK, Miss England, Miss Scotland and Miss Wales.

There are a total of 50 contestants competing for the title this year. The 50 finalists of Miss England 2017 are –

Amy Brown

Amy Johnson

Ashley Robertson

Becky Wright

Charlotte McIntosh

Cheraleigh Van Zanten

Christina Cunningham

Codie Yau

Elli Wilson

Emily Bunce

Emily Peplow

Emma Pollard

Evie Ramona Azzopardi

Georgia Blades Richardson

Gina Underhill

Grace Trulie Hardy

Gwen Raby

Isobelle Cooper

Jade Willis

Jemma Johnstone

Jennifer Atkin

Jennifer Wilson

Jenny Jackson

Jhanoi O Connor

Jodie Duckworth

Kate Marie

Laura Louise Gooderham

Lauren Jade Lyon

Leena Dewis

Lucy Kent

Lucy Physick

Maisie Hobbs

Miahh Jadee

Naomi Faith

Niamh Conway

Niamh Taylor

Nicola Louise Ascroft

Olivia Green

Olivia Seed

Paris Summer Allen

Rachel Pitman

Raven Angelina Rosalette Dixon Biggs

Samantha Bumford

Sapphire Carter

Sarah Jane Hulyer

Shanine Dale

Simone Marie Ridley

Stephanie Hill

Whitney Martins

Zoelea Dale

Since the inception of Miss England pageant, no titleholder had gone on to win any international contest. However several Miss England contestants had almost clinched an international crown for England, placing in the 1st runner up position for five times; once in Miss Universe, and twice each in Miss World (as the Miss United Kingdom) and Miss Europe.


Miss England 2017 Meet the finalists