Miss Universe Sweden 2017 Meet the contestants

15 Jun 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Universe Sweden 2017 is on its road to the finale and is scheduled to be held on 18th June 2017. The winner of Miss Universe Sweden 2017 will succeed Miss Universe Sweden 2016 Ida Ovmar and will represent the country at Miss Universe 2017 pageant.


Miss Universe Sweden 2017 Meet the contestants


25 year old Malin Brattström – 178cm

25 year old Camilla Fogdestedt- 180cm

24 year old Jacqueline Rybak – 170cm

25 year old Sofie Vest – 178cm

19 year old Amanda Viberg – 174cm

22 year old Gritt Rosenthal - 173cm

23 year old Nour Saad Mussa – 170cm

23 year old Beatrice Påg – 166cm

25 year old Julia Franzén – 182cm

23 year old Marianna Doxastaki – 177cm

21 year old Kelly Sucio – 179cm

20 year old Lina Ljungberg – 174cm

22 year old Agneta Myhrman – 182cm

21 year old Frida Fornande – 177cm

18 year old Daniella Lundqvist – 175cm

The first Miss Universe Sweden pageant was held on June 6’ 2009, the National Day of Sweden. The Miss Universe Sweden pageant is the late branch of the Miss Sweden contest. The director of the contest is Joakim Granberg of the Starworld Entertainment Corporation.

Miss Universe Sweden came into existence in the year 2012 and since then, three winners and two runners-up are selected. The Miss Universe Sweden competes in Miss Universe, The Miss Earth Sweden vies in Miss Earth, and the Miss International Sweden goes to compete in Miss International.