Mireia Royo from Spain Crowned Miss World 2015

19 Dec 2015 | Angelopedia

Mireia Royo from Spain was crowned as Miss World 2015 by the outgoing queen, Rolene Strauss from South Africa on Saturday 19’ December 2015 at the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre, Sanya. Sofia Nikitchuk from Russia was adjudged as the first runner up and Maria Harfanti from Indonesia was titled as the second runner up.


Mireia Royo from Spain Crowned Miss World 2015


The 65th edition of Miss World kicked off on November 21, with the arrival of the first contestants in Sanya, The People's Republic of China, and culminated with the Grand Finale on Saturday 19’ December 2015 at the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre, Sanya. The show was hosted by Miss World 2013, Megan Young along with the very much loved Angela Chow and Tim Vincent. The show was judged by Julia Morley, Chairwoman of the Miss World Organization, Ken Warwick, Emmy award winner and executive producer and director, Mike Dixon, Miss World Musical Director, Andrew Minarik, Head of the Miss World Hair & Beauty team, Donna Walsh, professional dancer and director, Linda Pétursdóttir, Miss World 1988 from Iceland, Agbani Darego, Miss World 2001 from Nigeria, Azra Akin, Miss World 2002 from Turkey, Zhang Zilin, Miss World 2007 from China PR, Ksenia Sukhinova, Miss World 2008 from Russia and Yu Wenxia – Miss World 2012 from China PR.


Mireia Royo from Spain Crowned Miss World 2015


The show started with a spectacular grand stage, as it always happens when China hosts the pageant! The opening performance was delved in Chinese culture and ethnicity with a brilliant carnival bonanza! The fastrack winners for every segment were announced shortly, whereby Guyana was announced as Talent Segment Winner, Namibia as Sports Segment Winner, Indonesia as Beauty with a Purpose Winner, Philippines as Multimedia Segment Winner and Spain was announced as the Top Model Winner.

Subsequently, the Top 20 semi-finalists were announced, which included Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Jamaica, Guyana, France, Lebanon, South Africa, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Poland, New Zealand, China, South Sudan, Scotland, Ecuador and Northern Ireland. The semi-finalists were further trimmed down to Top 10 finalists which consisted Russia, Philippines, Guyana, Lebanon, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, Jamaica, Ecuador, South Africa and Vietnam.



Miss World 2015 Top 10 finalists


After few minutes, the Top 5 finalists were announced which included Spain, Russia, Indonesia, Jamica and Lebanon. All the delegates were then asked the final question which was: “Why do you think you should win Miss World 2015?”

Miss World Spain answered: “I am a strong woman. I think l have something inside my heart that I am trying to bring the best of me. I also believe in Beauty with a Purpose and I can carry forward the legacy. I can show world how to love and share peace, and how to find our happiness in helping each other.”

Miss World Russia said: “I think that my inner world reflects the main idea of the pageant Beauty with a Purpose. To reach my inner voice and share my love and happiness with all people is really what I want to do. And it’s a big and huge honor to represent my nation at Miss World.”

Miss World Lebanon said: “Modesty, love and serenity is what the world needs more these days and Miss World has qualifications to spread them around the world.  I am confident and I promise to give all energy I have inside me to make difference in other’s lives.”


Mireia Royo from Spain Crowned Miss World 2015