Miss Algeria 2019 Khadija Ben Hamou responds to racial comments

11 Jan 2019 | Camilla Suarez

It is really saddening to see beauty queens of different ethnicities become victims to racial profiling. Recently the beautiful soul who was crowned Miss Algeria 2019, Khadija Ben Hamou, became the victim of racial abuse by online trolls.

Commenting on Khadija’s colour and facial features, the online trollers left insensitive remarks on her photos after she was crowned Miss Algeria 2019 calling her ugly. There were many more remarks about her dark skin colour, her nose and lips.

Responding to these trollers, Khadija spoke in an interview and said, "I am honoured that I have achieved my dream, and I am honoured by the state of Adrar where I come from.” She also later added, “I also encourage the girls of my region to participate in the competition if they wish to do so.”



The Miss Algeria organization also responded to these remarks by saying, “Good morning to all, Miss Algeria's organization deplores the racist behaviour and comments of several people as a result of publications and retouched photos. We give you two photos of our lovely Miss Algeria 2019 waiting for others who will follow soon.”

It is very liberating to see the young beauty queen to respond in such a mature and responsible manner, that her spirit is unshaken by her abusers. Along with that, the positivity shown to her by the Miss Algeria organization restores the belief of the common people into the tight-knit and supportive nature of the pageant world.

Angelopedia wishes Khadija all the very best for her delegacy in Miss World 2019.