Miss Armenia 2018 format changes due to backlash

18 Jun 2018 | Angelique Reyes

The organizer of the Miss Armenia 2018 contest, Gohar Harutyunyan, informed a section of the media that this year the contest will be held in a television version and will be collaborated with "Shant" TV.

There will be a limited number of spectators, about 500 people present at the event. "We decided to spend this year because we had done a lot of work last year so that we had a nice event on the stage, but it was more focused on the audience. The viewers suffered because they did not get a complete view, while the number of watchers on television was wider than ever, "Gohar said and added that the viewers will be given a spectacular show.

There will be the swimsuit, evening dress and dance rounds in this year’s show. "This year we focus on choreography. The girls will succeed until the contest. Due to their number, they will have the opportunity to express themselves.”


Miss Armenia 2018 new format

(Photo Credits: Lily Sargsyan Instagram Official)

She also confirmed that before the competition, the videos about girls and Miss Armenia 2018 contestant blogs will be presented to the audience so that viewers will be familiar with the girls and select their favorites.

Gohar Harutyunyan has acquired exclusive licenses for Miss World and Miss Universe competitions, so the winner and second prize winner will represent Armenia at these international pageants.

Gohar elaborated on the two contests that will be held this year. "On July 4," Talent "contest will be held. During the closed event girls will present their talent with their preference. They will also take part in all the stages of the competition - swimwear, evening dress and interview. The Miss Space-Armenia winner will be selected on that day, which, as we have promised, will represent Armenia at the Miss Universe contest. The winner will not compete for the title "Miss Hayuhi" because their victories will be equivalent. The winner of Miss Armenia 2018 will represent Armenia at "Miss World". Since two competitions are organized in November, one participant cannot participate in two contests, "said Gohar.

In addition to the main prizes, this year there will be only 2 nominations, Miss Talent and Miss Solidarity. The Miss Talent will be selected by the jury and the Miss Solidarity will be selected by the contestants themselves a day before the competition.

The jury will select 20-22 contestants. According to Gohar, they took into account the last year's healthy criticism and made some adjustments. "This year, girls will be presented with uniform swimsuits to be in equal proportions. Evening dresses cannot be the same as the show will be uninteresting. People will not enjoy aesthetic pleasure. The shoes too were discussed too. This time we also choose high-heeled shoes, but we have chosen models of "Miss Universe" which are exquisite, "Gohar said and added that girls will be shown in their videos in their most natural forms.